New toy options

So LH Forum my first post, but I’m sure I’m not the only one in this position… Me and my wife are newish to toys. We’ve used a plain vibrator upto now. We’re very open about what we would try, so that’s not a problem. What’s everyone’s recommendations for new ventures? Thank you in advance LH family.

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I personally don’t think you can beat a rabbit! But if you also want something for yourself a vibrating cock ring is also a lot of fun!

Hello and welcome @jbfrater :slightly_smiling_face:

Mrs Chimp is a fan of suction-style toys (eg. Womanizers), glass dildos, and rumbly bullets and wands. And lingerie. If she could class lingerie as a sex toy she would. :slightly_smiling_face:

Lovehoney Wand is great! The flutter attachment is my favourite :drooling_face:

Welcome @jbfrater. I also agree with a mains powered wand, so much power!!! Lol. Plus the attachments add even more functionality and stimulations.

Top my my list would be a good rechargeable bullet, a glass dildo - they are beautiful and versatile, and a g-spot vibe (I have the Desire, which is good, and also the Mantric Realistic). Happy shopping!

Hi Guys and Welcome @jbfrater ,

I’ve heard really good things about glass toys and I am so tempted myself to buy today’s Lovehoney Deal of the Day -

Lovehoney Spiral G-Spot Sensual Glass Dildo

I wonder if this is something that you and your partner would enjoy?


We both enjoy many different types of stimulating and are very open to trying new toys. So I appreciate the recommendations. Thank you very much :grin:

Vibrating cock ring will be added to the list. Thank you very much vanilla. I appreciate that :grin:

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Thank you Mr chimp for the welcome! Lingerie is a good idea also. Didn’t think about that. Suction style toys, any particular one that LH does that you can recommend? :slight_smile:

LH wand and flutter attachment, that sounds great! I will give that a go aswel. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Thank you for the welcome @zombifiedguy! I’ve never thought about a mains powered item. That’s something else to go on the list. Thank you so much for your Input.

Glass dildo. I just added that to my list this morning too. They look really pleasurable. My Wife looks forward to that one arriving. The desire, thank you for that one also! :slight_smile:

Lovehoney mainly stock the Womanizers, and the We-Vibe Melt.

They are quite pricey though, so you may not want to splash out on one on a whim.

I’ll also chuck in the universal caveat of, every body is different, so everyone won’t like everything equally. Read the reviews and have a good forum search to try and get a balanced view of any toy you’re thinking of getting. :+1:

And don’t forget about the Happiness Promise. :+1:

Sex Toy Happiness Promise

If you’re not completely happy with a sex toy you have bought from Lovehoney, let us know why within 60 days of receiving it and we’ll give you a full refund.

To make a claim under the Sex Toy Happiness Promise, fill in the Returns form above and choose ‘Sex Toy Happiness Promise Claim’ as the reason for returning the item.

The number of refunds you may receive under the Sex Toy Happiness Promise is limited entirely at Lovehoney’s discretion.

Please note that lingerie, lubes and better sex products and bondage items are not covered by the Sex Toy Happiness Promise.

welcome jbfrater I have the love honey wand plus a couple of rabbits vibrators I think it’s very much down to the individual of what the like It took me some time what toys I liked and with the help of the review
s on here. I am contemplating purchasing a womeniser hope this helps

Same I’m thinking of a Womanizer or something along those lines next. If I could only have 3 toys though… I’d pick my mains powered wand one of my glass didos and either one of my glass butt plugs or metal ones.

Thank you Alicia, I just read through that and had a look at the products you listed. I’m going to pay a lot of attention and make a decision on those. Thank you so much.

@Ian_Chimp I agree with the everyone being different. Luckily me and my wife are open to trying things we haven’t tried before. So, I’m lucky that everyone is providing all this information so I can add to our sex toy box. Which looks like I’m going to need a cupboard soon. Haha.

There seems to be mixed review on the womanizer with different fitting so I am unsure what that is

@AWB1955 thank you so much for the welcome. The LH wand seems to have a very good fan base. I will definitely have to try it.