New Year Forum Contest- Caption time! πŸŽ†πŸŽ†πŸŽ†

Good Afternoon all! 

We have a final competition of the year for the forum lined up for you, in the ever so popular form of a caption contest! 

For those who are not aware we have a vlogging channel on YouTube starring Sammi and Jess featured below. 

This is an out take from one of the more recent vlogs, your challenge is to come up with a caption for this. 

The most funny, outrageous & clever caption will win a bundle of goodies from Lovehoney.

Potential for some Runners up too! So let's hear what you got...

**Comp closes Midday 3rd January 2017** 

Sammi face says it all as jess starts dancing to perform her steps tragedy routine.

A scene from the Lovehoney pantomime, Red riding hood...
Grandma, What fancy nipple tassles you have!

(PS. Not saying that Jess looks old!)

The unveiling of the new Lovehoney wrestling team!

"New Year, New Me - Bondage Edition"

Sammi seems to regret the New Year, New Me and Jess is just getting started ^_^

Sammi prepares to lift Santa's sack while Jess demonstrates the technique she'd use!

The big finish of the lovehoney Christmas pantomine inspired vlog episode.

Sammi: 'this butt plug is too big!'

Jess: 'this butt plug is just right!'

"Jess oooo its behind you "
"sammi that's what im scared of"

Jess here we have Mrs clause new body harsness.
No fulling out this year!
Only in the best kind of way.

"Sammi yer thanks i think"

🎢Heads, shoulders, knees and nipple tassels... wait, what?

Jess: shall me wear the nipple tassels Sammi as part of our NYE outfit.

Sammi; in the cold weather we had this week? I'll end up with nipples on top of my nipple tassels!!

Sammi Sexy Santa "Grrr, Hurry up, we have toys to make",

Jess Joymaker elf "ooh la la, Im just admiring those tassles"

Jess: Put your hands up it's only 360 days till Christmas 2017.

Sammi: Seriously jess your counting down already we got a whole year of vlogs to complete first.

Are we in the midst of a Cinderella story?
Sammi shows annoyance as Jess is next to see if she can slip into an outfit that leaves as much to the imagination as a glass slipper!

With New Year on the horizon, the LH team gathers around for a little sing song arms crossed and holding hand as the clock passes midnight

Should Old lingerie be forgot,
and never thought upon;
The flames of Love extinguished,
and fully past and gone:
Is thy sweet tassels grown so worn,
on those loving breasts of thine;
That thou canst never once dress up
In old lingerie.

In old lingerie my Jess,

In old lingerie,
That thou canst never once dress up,
In old lingerie.

Oh, I remember this video! "Face!" x'D

"Sammi and Jess take us through the steps of posing for your partner with their signiture pin-up poses; the Bicep Beauty and the Demure Damsel."

We now go live to lovehoney HQ where Jess and Sammi Christmas mannequins challenge is well underway and the girls are doing an excellent job at this festive time of the year especially with the nipple tassels mannequin doing an expectional job.

The LH staff were just having some 'armless' fun - boom boom!!


Differing opinions afoot as sammi and jess discuss the new lovehoney staff uniform for the coming year

It finally dawns on Sammi that an NYE night in with Lovehoney's bondage expert might have some strings attached...literally.

Ps: really enjoyed that episode! More colabs please! :)