New, young, but not so innocent

Hey guys, how's everyone? I just joined two days ago, although I haven't posted anything yet, so thought id introduce myself...

24, live in Wales, I play hard but work harder haha...

Would love to hear from you all!

How are you? :)

Morning and welcome :-)

Everyone is very accepting here, I joined years ago but only just started posting and it's amazing how friendly everyone is.

Hope you stick around and have fun :-)

Good morning and welcome!

hey and welcome to the forums =D

Thanks everyone :). I'd love to get to know you all more - I live for two things - my daughter and a healthy social life - even if my social life is lived online haha!

Haha welcome to my world >.<
I have two boys I know that feeling :-)

How old, if you don't mind me asking of course x

My minion? She's 8...

Awh bless bet she can be a handful haha
My eldest is 3 and my little one is 5 months :-) x

I couldn't live without sex haha

Awh :-)

Haha I couldn't wait to get back to it after I had this one... I think we only waited like 2 weeks?? And even then it's only cause I don't have sex when I'm bleeding lmao
To be fair though... I had him at 8.50pm they handed me my discharge papers at 9.45 and said "just give it until your legs aren't shakey and you can go when you're ready" - I went shopping the following morning at 9 >.<

That's amazining... I spent like, a week just being lazy when I had my daughter... After that I had to get up as I had to finish my last yr of school

Hello and Welcome :)

Thanks David :)

I think the first is normally more difficult to be fair, still Atleast you went back and finished, well done you :-) x

hello n welcome

Thanks :)

Now I'm gonna take a deep breath, be a bit daring and start another thread lol

but il keep popping back here too

Welcome (:
Don't be nervous, everyone is lovely here!

Hiya. Welcome x