Newbie here ..come say hello :)

Hello my lovelies I'm new here and so glad I signed up to LH !. Me and the hubby have been under alot of stress and our relationship and sex life had been going a bit stale ..well about 4 weeks ago we had a massive chat which ended in alot of tears but also saved our marriage ! . Since then we decided to start spicing things up again and with thanks to lots of communication and LH we have had the best sex life in these last 2 weeks ..i'd forgotten how fun it was and starting to get the 'old' me back again ...which ofcourse the Mr loves :) Feel free to say hi ! x

Hi there, and welcome to the forum. So pleased to hear that things are back on track for you :) xx

Thankyou and me too :) xx

Hi and welcome! Happy to hear LH have helped out, hope it continues! Xx

Hi and welcome :)

Hi I'm a newbie to LH, have enjoyed toys with the OH for a while, always looking for new suggestions. Liking the forums for ideas x

Great to hear you're having a great time at home. Welcome to the forums x

Hi welcome to the forum,glad to hear a simple chat has helped you begin to put the spark back in your marriage,hope you both have a lot of fun on here.

We came to Lovehoney to spice things up as the name suggests lol. Welcome to the forum x

Hi and welcome to lovehoney. Glad ur enjoying ur lovehoney goodies.

Thankyou everyone for such a warm welcome x

Hello!! Welcome to the world of Lovehoney! I am sure you will love it here :) x

wow I'm happy things are looking up for you! :) here's a big welcome to the forums!

Hello and welcome.

Hello welcome and enjoy xx

Hello and welcome :) I recently started to use lovehoney again for the same reasons. 2 weeks in and our sex life is starting to improve again :D

Hi everyone.
My name is Tony and I'm a 34 yr old fireman from London. I am very new to LH, but already love it !
Would love to get to know some of you on here and share and find out about others experiences. Please say hi

Hello and welcome Kitten89, it is great to hear that your relationship is on the up again :) x

Hi and welcome. I'm glad your chat helped to improve things :) x

Funny how the common denominator is always that c word comunication ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

Glad its sorted and welcome !