Newbie looking for first!

Ok, I'm basicly new to everything here. I want to get a vibrator but no idea where to start...I know I'd like a clit type but also wanted to try a rabbit, the recommended bullets looked a little...boring?

But cos I'm new I don't think I wanna go too wide right now, the 2-3 inches circumference seemed like my max right now, I'm mega tight I think, but the slimmest rabbit says it's like 5+ inches- is this right? Or is that the base that you hold? Not sure. Does anyone know I don't want to get the wrong thing!

Also, anyone out there tried the best sensation giving lubes? Any recommendations?

Hi and welcome If you are looking for a vibrator for your clit I think the best one going is a wand. This is the one I have and it is currently on offer. I had lots of vibrating toys before this and haven't touched the others since. This may just be me but I don't get any pleasure from sensation lubes or even using a rabbit so will leave that to someone else who is more experienced with these products.

I'd recommend on my wife's behalf the Mantric G-Spot vibe that isn't too intimidating size wise or the Mantric "bunny ears" for something purely clitoral.

Try the ears only rabbit vibe, if stimulation of the clitoris is what would help bring you to orgasm.

Do you have a budget at all? When I first started out my 'collection' I was going for super quiet things, I found the Tracey Cox supersex bullet to be powerful but quiet. It is single speed with no patterns so not fiddly, and waterproof too! In terms of rabbits I would recommend something with a g-spot tip, they give the most powerful sensations IMO and this one has a rotating shaft too which feels great! Rabbits do tend to be bigger than other insertables, but if you're unsure make sure you use a lot of lube and warm yourself up beforehand with your fingers/ clit vibe and then it will be easier to insert. This one is one of my faces, it has a fee different patterns, rotations and clit intensities aswell as being waterproof. It is that little bit noisier though if thats a problem

Hello and welcome 🙂

Deciding on a first toy can be quite overwhelming when there's so many to choose from. 🙂 A bullet is a popular first choice as they are quite unobtrusive and simple to use. Depending on budget I'd recommend the Mantric Bullet or the Mantric Pebble. The Mantric Rabbit Ears are fun too, but you may want a more versatile shape to start. They're pretty powerful and rumbly for their size, and they're all silicone and rechargeable too. That bring said there'll definitely be cheaper options out there if you want to start out simpler. A good thing about the shape of the Pebble is that it can be used for both precision and broad clitoral stimulation, so you can explore which you like best from the one toy.

Mantric Bullet

Mantric Pebble

Mantric Rabbit Ears

Rabbits are a trickier toy as a lot depends on how well each section 'fits' to your anatomy. You may want to hold off getting one until you're a bit more experienced.

I don't think there are many internal vibrators/dildos with a 2"-3" circumference, though if you look for 'slim' or 'anal' in the title you might find a few. There's also this dilator set that's designed to help people move up between sizes if that's something that interests you?

5 Piece Dilator Set

If you're looking for bargains I'd suggest signing up to both the Special Offer and Deal of the Day emails as they send out some quite significant discount codes that can be used on top of sales prices (and their sale prices are already pretty good in the first place). 👍 This way you can try out far more toys for your money.

And, probably most importantly, as every body is different everyone won't like everything equally, so make sure you read the reviews and weigh up your options. Though the more you try the more you'll know what you like. 🙂👍

Hope this helps. 🙂

Hiya and welcome to the wonderful world of sex toys. Firstly get a good quality lubricant so the dildo will slide in with ease, I recommend: Then for dildos this is the smallest girth sold here at Lovehoney. Then there's this toy which vibrates and is extremely good vibe. Then there's bullets This is my all time fave Happy shopping 👍

Hi, and welcome! Take a look at the LH Vibrator Finder which is really useful. You can narrow down your options by type, size and price. Hopefully you will find a new toy that suits you :)

Hi and welcome

Hi and welcome.

Can you give us an idea of your budget?

I started on the cheaper bullets and vibes then when I knew what I liked, I started reading reviews for the more expensive toys that seemed like upgraded versions of my cheaper items.

I've not had much experience with sensation lubes apart from the Tracey Cox one, but I do love the Desire and Bliss balms for delicious tingles.

Hello and welcome!

Don't dismiss bullets - their effects are not boring at all!

The Mantric bullet is quiet, and the Desire bullets more powerful. If these are too expensive then try Tracey Cox

These ranges also do rabbits, but I find them a bit more hit and miss depending on individual anatomy and there is no way of knowing until you have bought one

So another option might be a bullet combined with a classic vibrator or g-spot vibrator

Glass and steel dildos are another step along the way...

Mantric, Desire and Fifty Shades also produce pebble shaped massagers which can be used all over the body e.g.

Wands are great for more general stimulation and massage - bullets are better if you like things to be more targetted.

All combined with a good lube, obviously!

Go with your instinct and pick something which appeals - you can't get everything, but it is nice to build upi a collection over time if you find it all works for you.

A lot of these things are often on offer - worth waiting for those times.

Good luck!

This got missed off my post:

If you are keen to try something slimline first, then this is a great all-rounder which I have tried and reviewed:

Hi and welcome, the other forum members have already suggested the items I would have suggested. I would certainly advise getting a bullet.

Regardless of sex, gender, orientation etc the first thing I would recommend would be a simple affordable vibrator! They can give absolutely anyone a variety of pleasurable sensations!