newbie not wishing to be rude lol

Hi y`all, been answering things in forums, giving advice where its appropriate or think i can help, going about things the back to front route, but "Hi Hello", names jim, look forward to more of the same, enjoying the candid viewpoints everyone expresses and look forward to making new friends along the way.

Hello where already friends :) but still hello and welcome :D



Hi and welcome!

hi yall and thx for taking time out, my email is in my profile if anyone wants to chat or exchange views outside the forums.

Hi welcome

Hi and welcome. Hope you are having fun on here.

Mr and Mrs Badger.

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Hi I'm new here as well, but so far I've enjoyed everything the ite has to offer.

Hi, welcome. :)

Hi & welcome to the LH forums have fun.

Hiya and welcome.

Hi Hello :)