Hi Guys, been purchasing for years and never knew this forum was even here. My husband and I have been together for 15 years, met at school, we are Australian and don't have kids as of yet (scared to lose my sex life) :P

Fairly adventerous with toys, have a "try anything once" kind of aproach which sometimes goes great and other times HORRIBLY wrong, don't know unless you try though right?

Saw the Newbie's initiation test and will post in there but may as well copy it in here too.

Age - F 29 / M 30

Gender - F/M

Relationship Status - Married

Sexual Preference - Straight

Favourite Position - Doggy

Most kinky thing you do fairly regularly? - Role Play and getting into DP (with toy)

How many partners? - Just each other (Met when we were 14 and 15)

Bra Size/ Cock Size - 12G (I think 34G UK? Googled), about 6" Penis i think

Pubic Hair Style? - Naturally not that hairy so I just leave it

Swallow?- Not usually

Well thanks for the forum Lovehoney, you guys are awesome.

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