Hi and welcome :hugs: to the world :earth_africa: of LH

Ok thanks. Was just in case one came through and it requires deleting. Chers

Hi Daisy 1982 lovely profile picture.

Hi and welcome @mickpark54 :blush:

Hi there @mickpark54

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Thanks for the welcome.

Hi, welcome to LH

Hi, welcome to the forum :wave:

Nice too see lots of people visiting and saying hello. Much appreciated.

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Good evening, we are a couple (m&f). Just want to introduce ourselves. Please be patient and apologies if It takes a little longer than usual to get used to the forums etc…

Thanks BESTinthe-NEST :star::grin:


Welcome to the forum dude :nerd_face:

Hellooooo and don’t worry

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Hi and welcome to the forum

Hiya and welcome :blush:

Hi :wave:t3: @mickpark54 welcome

Hi Welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t worry we are a forgiving bunch, so feel free to dive in, You will get a gentle pointer if you go too far off piste!!

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Welcome :wave:

@mickpark54 Hello and welcome to the forum. :wave:

Welcome,hope you have fun