New cpl here, just wanted to say Hi and how amazing everyone looks in their pics ;) really enjoying the sexy outfits on Lovehoney. Hope to chat more soon

Linz & Daz

Hey guys, I am relatively new here aswell and I have to say everyone is really friendly and helpful. Hope you guys hve a good experience and that we will be hearing more from you soon

Hello :)

Welcome! :)


Thanks all x

Hi and welcome to the forums :) x

Hey everyone,

I'm pretty new here and already enjoying the community and being so open about something that is normally taboo, thanks to the nature of my friends.

I hope to make many more on here, and experience a whole new world of sexual understanding and pleasure! :)

Hi and welcome :-)

Hello, welcome

Hi and welcome. Hope you enjoy it on here.

Welcome! Enjoy yourselves =)

Hi and welcome :)

Hello & welcome =)

thanks everyone ;)