Nexplanon Implant side effects.


I'm just wondering what some of the side effects any of you have, I have quite a few but recently, where I had it inserted has been tingling & it's freaking me out a little. x

I get twinges in it somethings I think its just your nerves ... and I have had terrible problems with my like constant periods lasting up to 3 -4weeks I now have to have the pill too :( I think ill probably end up with having it out once I get the nerve to do it :)

Thank goodness! It was starting to worry me, that's a peace of mind. Yeah, I get spotting everyday, sometimes it's heavier than others. I initially went on the pill but was taken off it as I was alllergic & this was my only other safe option. x

I don't feel mine at all, my periods are very rare and light but my boobs are big and hard, so painful maybe it's just not for you! :/ your body was probably trying to attack it if it ended up attached

Oh i was thinking of implant, but now im not so sure about it.
Im 31 and i have been on contraception only 9 months and they were the worst 9 months ever. I was on Depo Provera and my periods since then are messed up completely. I dont know when they'll start, when end and how long they'll be.

Thanks everyone! I've had it for 5 months & it's only now I'm getting symptoms, s'long as no babies I'll be happy, I read you can get symptoms like pregnancy ones, which is why I'm a little paranoid sometimes.

Was thinking about the coil though, I can live with these side effects but if they got worse, I'd look into the coil. Envy the girls with hardly any side effects, you lucky people :) Xx

I know how u feel missnoir my first 3-6 month which I was told was the worse was absolutely fab, no period or light spotting I was fine as from then its gone down hill, I have to wear pantiliners everyday just in case I come on as I never know .. id rather save that embarassment .. first time I started constant bleeding I ignored it as I thought it woukd settle but it didnt it returned after 3 months .. im due to have mine out start of 2015 so im coming to the end of the 3 years and definitely wont be having a new one!

Cheap&Easy wrote:

Where do I start....

1. 8 month non stop bleeding

2. Developed manic depression (or bipolar whichever you prefer)

3. Put on weight

4. Anaemia from the blood loss

5. Spots around my arm and left breast

6. It attached itself to the tissue in my arm so was a bugger to get out. I now have a huge scar.

I had to beg to have it taken out. They kept refusing and offering me this pill and that pill and in the end, I was taking the combi pill, and two types to stop the bleeding, all on top of the implant. It was too much shit in my system.

The minute it was out, I was "normal" the bleeding stopped and I felt so much better. :/

I always thought that if I ever needed any contraception, I would go for this implant. I have, however, never heard of anyone with so many side-effects before, your list of horrors is trully scary. Poor you, it must have been horrible.

My wife totally went off sex, had bad mood swings and put on weight.

we have tried many things and decided that now we have two kids and that I didn't want her pumping her body with synthetic hormones for the next 20+ years that I would have a vasectomy.

well that was the best decision ever!! Plenty of spontainious sex! With no worries.

I had no end of trouble with the implant. Bleeding almost continuously for about 8 months and as someone else experienced, it embedded itself I my arm and I have a scar where they struggled to cut it out. Mirena coil has been great for me. No periods, no debilitating period pain, no babies and don't have to remember to take it every day. Different things work for different people though and whatever you choose, you can always change to something else if it doesn't suit your body.