Night Club

Has anyone actually had sex in a Night Club. Not a Swingers Club a standard club. Also has anyone got naked in a club?

Are you conducting research or something?

No just interested as I'm sceptical as to whether it actually happens.

About 20 years ago I was working in a nightclub for a few years. When I was single I had sex a couple times in there with a 'friend with benefits' that also worked there. As I worked there I knew where I could go behind the scenes without getting caught. You could still hear the music quite loudly in the corridor and store room where we did it. Have to say it was extremely exciting and passionate and has put a smile on my face now just thinking about it again. 😊 But I would never have done it in the general public areas of the club. And as for getting naked in a run of the mill nightclub, that's just weird.

lol. About 15 years ago at the clubs I went to, there was lots of sex in the toilets. My favourite club of the time had marshalls both outside on the landing and inside the toilets of both sexes to make sure everything went smoothly. You actually had to jump the queue if you wanted the loo, as you'd probably wet yourself in the queue!