Nipple Suckers - any suggestions on an alternative pair

Hi all

We have a pair of the love honey nipple suckers

But my wife finds the edge of these can be a little sharp / sore on her nipples, has anyone tried any of the following

We love the Lovehoney ones as they have excellent suction and work brillaintly but would like to find ones that have the same suction but smoother edge so they dont dig in.

Many thanks

Hi cg22, I tried those ones and also found they were a bit sharp. I now use these, and really love them. The rings are really soft and comfortable and they make my nipples super sensitive :) xx

Hi Scorpious12.. May take a look at these.. Wife has very large nipples and finds these cause discomfort around the nipple plus these suckers do do not look like they have a very large diameter ..
But maybe we will try
Thanks again

Use these. Great results. Read my review

Whilst only one, you could try a penis pump on one? the end of the tube even without the rubber sleeve is nice and rounded and will tend to create a larger overall effect, though may not make the actual nipple stand out as much?

I had the same problem, the perfect nipple suckers are exactly that, perfect!

I have a pair of cylinders like these  A bit expensive for a first pump but they work for me when my nipples are pumped they are about 2cm. and subside to about 1.5cm.

The Master Series Powerful Twist Nipple Suckers  look like a good smooth cylinder very much like the ones above but cost far less.

That would be my choice.


Hi young and fun, did you have the lovehoney ones as well at first.. Think we will order the perfect ones and return the lovehoney ones :-)

I had the first suckers like you had and they were terribly sharp, like you said. I ended up shaving the sharp edge down with a knife but they were still really hard to squeeze.

We have a winner
Lovely smooth edges... Wife wore them for over an hour and no discomfort at all and great suction as well