Hi my girlfriend would love to have nipples that stick out more or all the time. We were wondering if anyone can help. Or if any of the clamps that are ment to stretch them work. X

Pumps might be a good thing to try.

You could perhaps try a nipple pump, like one of these:

Or nipple clamps like these:

Also maybe some ice play? As that tends to make nipples stand to attention!

I have a similar issue, my nipples are very flat and when erect they don't even stick out much, so nipple loops and tassels etc never stick on properly. I don't mind too much though :)

I have got a nipple pump and love how they feel and look after.but it doesn't last long enough x

Can I swap? Mine stick out all the time, for this reason I can't not wear a bra, ever! It's like it's permanently minus 10 degrees down my top!

My oh is the same, her nipples are always erect, thus meaning she hardly wears bras.

No, I don't think there is an easy fix. I have introverted nipples, always have and always hated them for it so I can relate to her wishes! My nipples only come out to play if directly stimulated and only for so long as direct contact is made. They do like it though a lot, so it is one of my strongest erogenous zones.

One could get aesthetic surgery, which would be a permanent solution, but it is only really recommended for medical reasons (yes, I have spoken to several specialists about it as I’m worried about lactation when time will come). For now, I have decided I will cross that bridge only if and when necessary if proven to be a medical problem for the baby or myself.

I have tried these and they felt awkward and uncomfortable, these didn’t stay put because of what I said earlier about nipples not staying out unless continually stimulated, and these didn’t work either for the same “retraction” reason. So for now I’ve given up on nipple toys, although I might try adjustable clamps in the near future (something like these

I once read that at least a 10 minute stimulation session every day on the long run (like a very long run) could make a difference. So if she or you both are up for it, this could be fun to try as an exercise routine every day! Please let me know if you prove this theory right or wrong!

I have an inverted nipple due to a childhood accident. I find that if i am aroused or my nipples are hot/cold they come out. Ice play seems to get it out. I have used nipple pumps and nipple stimulating gel. They have all worked, but do not create a pernanament fix. If you use them repeatedly and train them then they will of course come out more often, but not pernamently. I didnt find that nipple clamps made much diffrence though.

If it is somthing that really effects your girlfreind you can get surgery and other treatment on the NHS, as i now feel comfortable with it i decided against getting it done. Plus it didnt effect me too much as i was still able to use breast pumps when I had my first child.


If her nipples are piereced then you can get various jewelry items to hold them out more etc, but wouldn't suggest using all the time, my wifes are done, and had no issues breast feeding. She's also got her other bits done.

Getting them pierced will help! I only have one done, but it's always stuck out due to the jewellery!

hornyandkinky If she realy wants to get her nipples to protrude, then I think the best way is by pump I have one like this I've got to the stage that 20 to 30 minutes with a pump and they are bigger than fruit pastiles! She just can't resist them.

Or she could try these Lube around the nipple and pump. Just like bodybuilding do the exercise in repititions pump leave for about five minutes release the pressure, pump again for five minutes and release. Do this for about half an hour and she should see some results.

Mine are nearly as big as the guy on youtube, it can be done.

Berry123 wrote:

Getting them pierced will help! I only have one done, but it's always stuck out due to the jewellery!

If they're not done and she decides to get them done, make sure they're done at the exact same moment( 2 people doing it )