No Entry! Finding a toy that fits!!

Almost all the male masturbators I have bought over the years despite using plenty of lube I am unable to get into. I have a thick cock but not mega wide so dont see why this is happening. Normally hurts so much trying end up losing my stiffy!! Anyone else experience this or know a good toy that will comfortably take a wider cock? Thanks x

I have a toy that is pretty stretchy but lh don't stock anymore unfortunately.
Have you tried using a condom which might help? I found both of my masturbators have loosened up since using and so much easier for me to slip in

Thanks for answering. I tried condom, also tried to stretch the hole make them softer and a little bigger but not even close to getting into. I have ended up with sore and bruised cock in the past trying to get into some of them!. I understand the need for them to be tight for the feeling but you still got get in them to start with!

Have you seen this? It has a wide opening so you might find it more comfortable?

What toys have you tried? Don't want to start reccomending lots of ones you've already had!

The only thing I could think would be a toy with proper suction like a Fleshlight rather than one of the tube type masturbators, which can be tricky size wise. With Fleshlight undoing all the suction means there's no real resistance going in and the toy is obviously very very stretchy and soft being flesh material. If you can fit in the hard case you can fit in the sleeve, basically!

If you're sore you could be having a reaction to the material in the toy you've used? Fanta Flesh ended up giving my partner an inflammatory reaction even though we had plenty of our usual lube and there was no hassle getting him in...just the material basically burned him.

There's also the lube issue, though I'm assuming you've already tried more lube? Better quality lube? Another good thing with the Fleshlights is you can flood the things with lube and you won't shoot out like you would with the smaller tube masturbators!

Um I'm not sure what else to suggest really...if you can fit into a condom you should be able to fit into at least one masturbator out there, perhaps you've just found unfortunately small ones so far?

Thank you for the comments, that looks a fun beast slinkykinky!! From design does appear to be type thing im looking for but I have spent so much over the years very nervous about parting with anymore.

I have been sore from pressure trying to get into the toy itself rather than the lube. Made the mistake of thinking if I push enough it will eventually go in!!!. Lovehoney dont have any record of my orders one of my last disasters was Tracy Cox Supersex Stroker, could not get close to getting inside it.

Thanks again everyone

Some of the male masterbators are tight like the tenga onacups. I struggled with these. Read the reviews on the masterbators. When I write one I usually put my size on as reference.

I got this Fleshlight and haven't had trouble getting in. My cock is thicker than average (apparently) and I can get it in this because the material has a lot of stretch.

I'm told that at 2" thick X 6" girth I'm bigger than average and getting into a masturbator has not been a problem though they all work better with lube. (The single use ones are a bit extravagnt!) But I like to feel and to be felt at the same time, Does that make sense? So the Mk 1 spanner, well lubed, does it fo me! But keep on looking!

Agree with recommendation for Fleshlight Flight

My oh has this and it's really. . . and I mean really, stretchy - dont know it may ok for you ?

The entry hole looks absolutey tiny but we were both really surprised at how stretchy it is - I can get it on my arm, although I'm not quite sure why I tried. . . . . .:/

Hi have you tried the hot octopus 50753? I'm not sure it is what you had in mind but it has a larger canal than most so might accommodate you better. It's pricey but if it does the job for you it might be worth it. You could always end it back with the lovehiney guarantee if it doesn't work for you.