No sense of pain O_o

I'm seriously thinking of seeing a doctor now.
I've always had a really high pain threshold. And I'm not just saying that because of all the piercings I have.
I've cracked the back of my skull, torn ligaments and even been hit by a car. And yet I still keep going. I can take a hell of a lot of pain. Sometimes I don't even notice it.
I recently cut myself on glass while cleaning my office. It went quiet deep and I didn't notice until my boss pointed out I'd left a small trail of blood.

Now I have always considered this to be a good thing, especially since I want to have lots of kids...well at least 3 or 4 ^.^
But this morning it really freaked me out.
Me and my partner were playing together with our toys since we had the house to ourselves, and after using the John Holmes dildo he suggested we try the target practice toy again. Now this one is huge! Its about the same size as my fist! >.<
It took a long time for me to relax enough to use it, and as usual I didn't feel any pain. And to be honest I enjoyed it more this time because he was holding it, rather than me lowering mylself down onto the dildo. And he was really gentle with me.

After I came he slowly pulled it out...and I passed out! T_T
I was bleeding heavily. Its stopped now and I'm wearing a pad. But that really freaked the both of us out!
I've never had this happen to me before. Not even my first time with a guy.
And before anyone suggests it I know its not my period.

Has this happened to any of you? Think I should go to a doctor?

Happened to me? No
Think you should see a doctor? Yes definitely, if only for some reassurance

There are conditions where people feel no pain whatsoever and obviously can die from even a small thing as a result (House had an episode on it!!)

Honey, really do see a doctor please! Hope your OK.

I went to drop in centre, and they sent me to the hospital.
Theres nothing wrong with me. The specialist who took a look said he couldn't see any internal damage and thinks its more likely that my hymen was torn. Which kinda makes sense. I've never felt pain, even during my first time. ^_^;;

Thats good news at least. Dont you think you should see your regular GP about the whole "no pain" thing though? (you can leave out the whole "I was screwing this huge dildo...." tale I think)
I appreciate it may be great not to feel pain but it could cause a few problems aswell if your not aware of it

Well that's good and as you say, does make sense. But I agree with naughtyboy that checking out the pain thing would be a good idea too. Now do what ur online parents say!!

lol ok ^_^;; The doc there said the same thing. He said if I ever decided to have kids, it could be dangerous for me. I wasn't the first woman he'd seen like this. And the last one went labour and didn't feel the contractions! O_O

I'm gonna book an appointment as soon as I can.

Good girl!! LOL

good luck with dr, early on in our relationship my partner who had long nails had a habit of tearing me with his nails inside which i couldnt feel and once or twice has split me slightly in more active positions but never using a toy
hope it all works out for you honey!

Can't add much to what has already been said. Pain, if you can't identify an immediate reason for it, is a straightaway reason for taking a trip down to the doc's. Be safe, ancafe!