Non Penetrative Sex Anyone?

On my period for the last couple of months we have been trying non penetrative sex. It’s so exciting that we have also done it other times. To stroke, massage, rub and dry hump each other is so sensual. Recently we have been having longer and longer sessions and we are practicing timing our orgasms to cum together. Anyone else do this?

We used to do this when we couldn't have penetrative sex for some reason. Mrs300 would take me in her hand as I lay on top of her. It was lovely!

My wife and I have sex a minimum of 3 times a week outside of periods. I can honestly say we have non penatrative sex more than 90% of the time. We use foreplay, long foreplay sometimes hours and then finish her first with either my tongue or more often than not her premium womanizer and then hand for me with anal stimulation or sometimes pegging. We both prefer it massively.

We do this all the time after we had a massive heart to heart after we had our second child. We we’re having a chat about our sex life as we hadn’t been very successful getting time alone and we discussed trying quickies. I prefer sex in the afternoon and we both work so weekends were always when we got in our couple time. He asked what would be wrong with just masturbating with each other? I said would you like that? And he said why wouldn’t I? And from there on we agreed to redefine ‘sex’ as anything that involves each other together, oral, dry humping, masturbation. The dry humping was my favourite as I got all my fun and he was the one who had to clean up afterwards!

Add me to the list.

We've done it for various reasons. I get a lot of UTIs and my periods are very heavy. Mutual masturbation is a great way to take my mind off the pain and an orgasm is a great pain reliever.

Sometimes a lazy afternoon on the bed with the sun streaming in, just playing together then falling asleep is heaven.