I have been around long enough to know a good thing when I have found it. I have found it.. The guy I am with now .. WE love toys and both have ravenous appetites. between the blue bunny and the jelly butt plug both of which vibrate nicely,and a bit of bdsm as well as his ability to keep me going,I can truly say that I have never been so satisfied, (at least til I recover a bit \=])
.We go on for a couple of hours at a time. and I thought I was too old to have this much fun. Boy!! did he show me! .. He is still showing me.. Toys and a good imagination work very well together I must say . Fun alone. but so much more when you have a partner to play with.
should say we both would be more than willing to try about any thing,including toys of any variety. He teases me and delightfully tortures me and has me coming more times than I ever imagined possible, I can't wait to see what is in store for me next!
We never got around to the surprise last this weekend.. Only hint he would give is cling wrap .lol. Ahh! but then again . there is always next weekend ... right ?... Something to be said for nipple clamps and a swing isn't there .. let the imagination soar!!!!