Nookii timer question

last night i had a chance to try out my new game, but i feel there was a problem with the timer.for the frst round i rolled a 6, i therefore set the dial to the number 6. now really i shouldn't complain but it took 30min to tick down to 0. the next round we decided to set it to the 7th notch (as 7 was rolled), this can be found 2 notches after the 1 mark. this took about 7mins to go round. i might be dense but i thought the timer maxed at 12mins rather than 60mins. is this how the clock is ment to wor?

during play i found a card with a printing error where the ink is distorted, i am yet to check all the cards.

overal it was a very fun game and i hope to get the spy version soon.