Northern Ireland? Belfast?

New to this part of lovehoney and never knew it existed but seems a great forum compared to others.. wondering if theres a big number of people from N.I or belfast in particular?

Hi + welcome

Hey, you from N.I too?

I am not but there are members from all over. As you are new here, I have put a couple of links below to help you on your way.

Hi, welcome to the forums.
I'm not from NI, but we're all a friendly bunch x

Hi and welcome!

Hey and welcome!

Hello and welcome from not quite Northern Ireland but from the Northern Island of New Zealand

Hey Paul, welcome to the group! I'm just across the water... in South wales x

Hey Paul MN 

Welcome to the forums!

When you get a mo, do check out those helpful links which KMM has posted above - they're really useful for helping you get settled in :) 


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Welcome have fun

Hi, welcome to the forum