NOT sexy! :(

I waned to order some sexy lingerie and toys to have fun with my hubby. He's not very used to "extras", so I was really looking foreward to teasing and teaching. Got my first package in the mail from Lovehoney yesterday. It was 3 days late and suddenly i realised why. I have to pay customs! Sometimes I hate the ountry I live in!
The order was £53, and then £10 for delivery since I'm not in UK. Then on top of that the Norwegian customs decided they wanted to charge me bloody £25 just to hand it over to me!!! It's the most expencive piece of lingerie I've ever bought in my entire life!!
Next week I'll get a toy-delivery too. I ordered it before this one arrived so I had no idea I was gonna have to pay with my eyeballs to recieve my sex-toys!

Me is pissed me is!!

Sorry about that.. That was todays rant!
Ok.. Done now! Can't change it anyway.

Oh, I HATE customs charges, too.
I (well, the boyfriend, actually) ordered a lovely pair of boots for myself from the US, and they ended up held up in customs, so I didn't have them for the event they were needed for. And we had to pay the customs charges to get my hands on them (2 days too late). Was very frustrating.

I'd send you sexy pants for cost!

LOL! Norway is a VERY expensive place to live.

I have ordered stuff from the states before and some of them will mark the package as a gift if you ask. You have to be carefull though as if you receive too many "gifts" customs get very upset and may ask you to pay the import cost for any "gifts" that have been received before, but it can save you money if you only order a few things once in a while (or get a few done at the same time (pressies from friends around the world lol)