Nudity in TV

The wife was watching a program the other night with Nicole Kidman in it. Whilst watching it there’s a scene in a changing room we’re a woman walks up to Nicole Kidman totally starkers, full frontal, all on show. It got me and the wife talking about how it seems more relaxed on TV these days to see full frontal nudity, like Channel 4 Naked Attraction etc etc.
Is it me or has it lost its shock and awe? I remember days gone by watching Eurotrash and that was the closest you could get to nudity on TV. Has censorship changed or are we just getting more and more used to it do you think?

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I think it’s both more acceptable and we’re getting used to it. New series of Naked Attraction starts Tuesday!


I don’t know what possesses some folk to stand in the buff with strangers and audience examining their bits and tackle on TV. Nut jobs :joy:

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Ooh I didn’t know that…thanks @WillC

As regards nudity, yes I think we’ve all just got more accepting of it. I do think there is still a discrepancy between male and female nudity although not in the case of Naked Attraction!

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I noticed Naked Attraction getting bolder in series 2 - encouraging choosers to touch the people in the boxes: tweaking nipples, playing with piercings, bits of spanking, tickling and suchlike. I’ve always wanted to ask a male contestant who’s been on the show whether they get a dose of an erection-killing drug before shooting (if you’ll pardon the pun) begins. I bet they do. :slightly_smiling_face:

ADDED LATER: For context… back in the day I did life modelling at Art colleges. I’d spend a whole day surrounded by young, attractive boys and gals, but nothing ever stirred - as a model, you switch off the sex-thoughts bit of your brain, and of course, nobody is allowed to touch you. Naked Attraction, though is ALL about the sexy stuff, and in that environment, cameras or no cameras, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to stop my old pal responding to physical teasing. Yup. Gotta be drugs, I think.


My wife has said the same about the discrepancy, most you see on a man is his backside yet breasts have been on display for decades and fairly recently a lot more vagina, although usually with a ‘wig’ being worn like in GOT and Spartacus. It was only whilst watching that Nicole Kidman program that I saw no cover up/capped shot/funny angle to disguise the pubic area

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We were all born naked! It’s the most natural thing there is, its society that banned nudity in the first place. I do think it kind of one sided though women can show all but men penises are hidden on TV/ movies made.


Things have changed and people’s perception standards have also changed, so this may be part of how others now have a more relaxed attitude to it, you only have to go into the big cities to see this urinating in the street , having sex thinking they are unseen, not saying it’s right but it’s out there .

I don’t think we will see that in the states for some time, after all were still the place that freaks out about breast feeding like “oh my it’s a nipple”(eye roll)


Although I haven’t watched this program I doubt any vaginas are on show. censorship is about the sex organs (vagina and penis) on display . If a man stands naked his penis is on display, however if a woman stands naked her vagina is definitely not on display. With shaven women the mons pubis is and with some ladies the anterior labial commissure. As far as censorship is concerned therefore showing a naked man is more explicit than a naked woman.

@NuddyHubby i know the show you’re referring too and currently watching it on/off on Foxtel i think. ? As a society I think we still haven’t accepted the body in its natural state.
Australia can be a bit funny about nudity on TV at times, yet European shows on some channels slip through the filter. I personally have zero problem with nudity but maybe im a little more relaxed with it.

America has some strange attitudes to naked bodies, i remember watching one of those Emergency/Rescue shows in the 90’s. They featured a helicopter crash where a chap lost an arm, which they showed, but pixellated the builder’s bum of a rescuer!

I have more respect for actors and actresses who dare to bare. Good on them! Blatant use of body doubles I don’t get!

I do think nudity rules pre watershed have definitely been relaxed lately, a number of times in the last few weeks I’ve been slightly surprised to see nudity on tv from about 6pm though I think that’s probably a good thing as it takes away the taboo on nudity for young people that seemed to exist when I was young.

I had a bit of a Google to find out what the rules actually were and it very hand wavey from Ofcom. Lots of “deemed appropriate” and “material that might…”. Basically though it seems nudity is fine, male or female, as long as it is not in a sexual content and no erect penises.

This was a good read from a few years ago on the difference of a few inches between that memorable Pride and Prejudice watershed and the watershed in War and Peace 20 years later for anyone interested:

The BBC have been showing, Drawing the Nation Together at 8pm this Summer which is both male and female nudes which I think has to be applauded.

On a separate note, I really miss Sexcetera. Such a fun, lighthearted show that definitely worked to get me in the mood more than porn :joy:. Can’t find it on catch up or streaming anywhere and there doesn’t seem to be anything very similar on TV these days.

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Is it worth chucking in a vagina/vulva note for this topic?

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I still get a bit awkward when nudity comes on tv especially if someone else is watching with me… but yes I think in modern day society where porn is sugar coated and encouraged on young adults as a way to make quick cash through social media or to show you have body confidence as it’s promoted through tv, it’s become an accepted thing amongst everyone but then it makes me wonder have we lost the respect for our naked bodies where back in old times it was an intimate pleasure to be enjoyed between a couple. Not really sure what I think on it all in general but the evidence shows it effectively gives many people body image issues when they see loads of “perfect bodies” everywhere :face_with_monocle:

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The double standards rile Mrs Sen’s cookies from time to time (showing women’s breasts but barely even a bare backside of a man for example), but I agree there is a lot more acceptance of nudity and sex on TV than there has been previously.

I’d have no problem showing nudity in a non sexualised manner pretty much most of the time, it may help normalise it to children (who lets face it, can get access to as much nudity as they can handle with any internet connected device anyway). Actual sex though is probably best left to more adult times even if not just to remove / minimise the uncomfortableness from all parties watching sex acts in front of their children / parents (my daughter at 17 still shys away from kissing etc on movies).

I remember when we owned a video shop, the number of “Karens” that would complain that little Jimmy saw something in a DVD that they weren’t happy about and then on the other end of the scale, parents would happily rent out “Grand Theft Auto” for their kids because it was “just a game”, such varying degrees of “standards”.