Just bought a load of nurse stuff on ebay for £18, very excited!

I do like my role play to be realistic :-D

Blood pressure cuff (the old fashioned kind, not digital), stethoscope, eye torch, upside down watch, gloves. The only bad thing was could only find digital thermometer (old kind doesn't seem to exist any more?) and could only get tongue depressors in packs of 100, bit exessive!, so didn't get them.

Haven't told husband any of this as want it to be a surprise when he sees nurse. Which is why I had to post it on here since I'm bursting with excitement.

What fun :-)

Sounds like you'll have a great night! I must admit I like the idea of nurse and patient role play.

Don't forget plenty of lube for the prostate exam and have fun xx

Im feeling faint now!!

Awesome, I hope you have a brilliant night Sounds like it should be good.
I'd personally recommend getting yourself a Wartenberg pinwheel to add to the fun. I think they're my favourite medical toy ('though latex gloves are very yummy). They look quite scary, but they give a really versatile level of sensation (and you have to put a whole lot of force in to break skin, so they're pretty friendly, really). Heck, my wussy boyfriend loves ours and he's got the lowest pain tolerance I've ever met, haha!