OH asleep

Been working late in work all week , was promised some fun to find out the MRS is asleep when you get home Do I wake her or let her snore her brains out. Any ideas to get her awake without getting her in bad form..

hagions wrote:

Any ideas to get her awake without getting her in bad form..

I have been in this situation before, I let her sleep but when I got into bed I gave her a kiss on the neck and cuddled into her. Later when she woke up, she gave me a treat (to x rated to type here) in appreciation for letting her sleep. It was certainly the better option for me.

I once woke up my Mrs from snoring her head off, won't make that mistake again. Happy wife.......

After going without for a week and a half due to her having a cold then time of the month we were looking forward to what's become our usual 'thank god it's Friday' night. Disaster struck on Thursday when I got a text from a friend, "you still ok to baby sit tomorrow?".

Nooooooo! Completely forgot we'd got them tickets for a show over in Birmingham with babysitting included for his birthday 2 months ago.

After getting the kids in bed she messaged to ask how it was going, which resulted in a few back and forth leading up to what we were going to do to each other later.

All of which gets to the point of the OP... by the time the friends drove back from Birmingham after the show (an hour away) and I drove another 20 minutes home (might have been less than usual, I was motivated!), it was well gone midnight and sure enough she was hard fast asleep. B******s.

I left her to it. As above, it was worth it for a Saturday night to remember!

I wish my husband would leave me to sleep- he rarely does! Nearly always wakes me. Does generally mean sex but a quickie as I’m too knackered to do anything strenuous.

moral of the story, always let her sleep. Will lead to better sex if she’s well rested!

I love being woken up by OH, takes me a few second to realise it not an exotic dream but always welcoming to his desires. I actually wake up in the morning in a bad mood if he hasn't woken me when I've been excited for it.

Ask her for nex time.

that way u cant get into trouble either!

Definitely do not wake her up 'because you were promised fun'.

Maybe she doesn't feel like it now?

Remember: consent can be revoked at any time (whether it was 'promised' or not)

I work lates untill 10:30pm , when I get home I know if my OH is up for it or not because she will stay awake in bed if she is. Or she will sometimes give me a hint and say wake me up tonight , then I know what she means 😋 . If she doesn't say anything and I find her asleep when I get home then I just leave her snoring in bed lol . But responding to your question I would spoon and give her a kiss on the neck and go from there , I'm sure you will be a response from your OH either way ,if its good or bad lol 😊

Oh god, never wake a sleeping person unless the house is on fire. It cuts both ways, im a right grumpy sod if i get waken, even if for this reason.

Grind up against her it’ll soon wake her up horny. It’s always worked out for me.

Senator wrote:

I once woke up my Mrs from snoring her head off, won't make that mistake again. Happy wife.......

Yep my husband has learnt that waking me up if I’m not already showing some signs of stirring with result in the very opposite of sex.

If I am too tired I let him spoon up behind me and he slides into my crack, I stick my bum out and let him get on with it

Ask her!..I love being woken up to have sex, before Ive realised what's happening I'm on top of him and it's a huge turn on for me...but this is always discussed beforehand, if I have had a busy few days then it's a no as I need my sleep but we always have fun chatting about it a few days before as to who wants what...xx

Often wanted him to do it, would love to wake up to find him busy down there. I would suggest if you waken her make it all about her pleasure, you will enjoy no doubt knowing she that pleasuring her whilst you get what you wanted was a win win situation

We've been married 15+years we both touch each other when were asleep and are ok with it, I'm a very light sleeper my wife the opposite so I get to play much more .