Oh Points

Hi Lovehoneyers

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I've noticed that the points [for my latest order] haven't been added to my account, does anyone have suggestions as to why this may be the case?



Usually they're added on after a parcel has been dispatched. Pop onto the Live Chat and they should be able to add them manually for you and check there's no glitches happening

Lovehoney - Leanne wrote:

Live Chat is your answer:


Hop on and have a chat, the team will sort it for you :) 

Yes ^^ this! 

Having said that I've had a look at your order and can see that it wasn't linked to your account. 

I've now manually linked the order and added the points for you. 

This is a one off though and in future, if you spot anything like this, you're best bet is to go to customer care. Your question can be easily missed in the forum. 

Great thanks everyone