Old Panties

My wife is throwing out loads of her old panties. In the bucket just now and I'm tempted to take them all out and keeping them for myself.is this bad?

Nah, I don't think this makes you bad. Might want to mention your little squirrely stash of panties to her though so she doesn't find them and just throw them away anyway!

I don't think keeping them is a bad idea (if that's what you're into) but keeping it a secret could be. She could find them and throw them out as mentioned above or she could misinterpret why you have kept them. I think communication is always the way to go!

What I want them for she wouldn't be comfortable with I don't think.
She knows I sniff her used ones and is ok with that but I like wearing and peeing in them. After that I masterbate into them. Not her cup of tea So will keep that my little secret......hence the taking her thrown away ones.

Keep them for sure if that's what you're into. Just don't keep it from her
Small stuff like that can spiral

Definately don't keep that from her - I found out my ex-partner had been masturbating into my panties waiting to be washed and I felt really violated. If I'd known it might have been different, but I felt humiliated and used. Can't explain why I felt like that, I just did

I can see why you'd feel like that Lush Lolita, I would too. Consent is super important, especially as you were going to be using them again. I'd want to know about it, even if it was something that didn't do it for me.

I would reconsider not telling her Captain Cave Man, as the chances of her not being comfortable with it greatly improve if she doesn't know about it and finds out accidentally one day.

Thanks for the advice.
Upsetting and violating her is the last thing I want to do. It took a while to tell her i like smelling her used undies and she is ok with that. She did ask once what else I did with them them and I nervously said nothing. Sure she knows though but doesn't say anything as she's picked them up from under my pillow to wash the ones shes given me to sniff.....some of which I have "used". I will talk to her about it and let her know it's a turn on for me and hopefully she understands.

Lush Lolita wrote:

Definately don't keep that from her - I found out my ex-partner had been masturbating into my panties waiting to be washed and I felt really violated. If I'd known it might have been different, but I felt humiliated and used. Can't explain why I felt like that, I just did

Yeah, that's what I don't want do.....hurt feelings and violate her. Difficult to talk about as to many its quite a dirty thing to do. I imagine lots of girls are ok with it though if it's brought out in the open and not kept hidden away......I hate having to try and put her undies back in the dirty washing pile thecsame place I found them after I've finished with them so she doesnt know. I don't think you ex meant to cause you any upset...he was maybe too embarrassed or shy to let you know his little secret.

If it was something my partner did, I would be ok with it even though it doesn't do it for me. You never know, she might be understanding too and happy for you to go ahead as long as she doesn't have to be involved. :)

I would take it as a compliment. Mention it in a horny way and see what she says? Nothing weird in it at all. Shows how into her you are.

It's a difficult one.....don't want it to affect the closeness we already have but it's something I find I need to do to get off when I'm my own. I have bought myself panties before but it doesnt do anything for me.......has to be her dirty ones ......guess I'm a bit wierd 😦

Captain Cave Man you are definitely NOT weird!

You need to try and find a way to express your feelings and thoughts to her. You're not alone in regards to your need to be able to smell her, it's very common! The fact that it's her panties only that gets you off is huge! If it was someone else's, then I'd understand your reluctance to tell her. You know her better than any of us, but from a female perspective I think if you tell her, you'll be pleasantly surprised. All this worry and fear of telling her must be awful? Realistically though, what's the worst that could happen? She could giggle? Or she could completely understand. You're not hurting anyone (but maybe yourself) and tbh... if she flips out or doesn't get it, then that's her issue. Communicating and being up front and honest with her is a huge sign of your respect and commitment to her. Please try and find a way of sharing your "secret" with her. It's not dirty or violating unless you hide it from her.

Youre a bloke that enjoys his partners natural scent, that is all. Would love you to share the outcome. If and when you feel confident enough to let her in. Good luck and remember there's nothing seedy with what you enjoy 😉

Not weird at all! It's a very common thing in fact. Even if it wasn't common, we all have the right to need different things sexually and this just happens to be one of yours. It's totally fine.

You never know unless you talk to her about it. If she's fine with what you're already doing, then I'd hazard a guess that she's likely to be understanding about the things she doesn't yet know. I hope you find a way to communicate through this and get the best outcome. Good luck!

Nothing more to add, except to say that I don't think it's "weird" either. :)

Not weird at all except for me it would be shoes, socks, tights etc

Why throw away? Why not recycle them? Oops! That's just my opinion. But actually I use my old or torn satin panties as cushions for my toys. I have this slight deeper than normal wooden 2-tier drawer (tailor made by my ex-bf) specially for toys. I lost count but they took care of my toys well. Why not?

I agree with you. I'm not into panty sniffing, never tried it, it hasn't appealed. My wife lets me sniff and lick her armpits. I particularly like them if they are a bit stale, much to her embarrassment. I mentioned to her that I sometimes sniff the armpit area of her clothes and she's fine with it. I did say that I don't do her knickers and would never without asking first as I'd consider it a violation.

as it turns out she wasn't fussed either way but appreciated my respect.

The Asian culture and especially the older generation Chinese, panties are considered as an inauspicious item for men. Having one's bad luck is always linked to a pair of panties. You shall not walk beneath panties hung above your head. It's bad luck for 3 years so your elder screamed. What rubbish! But this believe still exists in SINGAPORE Chinese families. I know there's such a thing called panties fetsish. Some sniffed, some wears them while others cum when a pair of panties stuff into their mouth. Hence I'm sure if these old panties are still in good condition, there's a call for it. Sell or give them to these people. It's also a way to eliminate panties thieves.