I was able to watch the opening ceremony today I thought it was really good, they were very respectful to recent events with their performances.
I am going to enjoy watching the events and hopefully GB will do as good as they did in the last Olympics.
Anyone else see it?


I watched some of it, enjoyed it. I plan on watching as much of the Olympics and probably more so the Paralympics as I can :blush:


Yes I watched it as well. I thought it was well presented under the circumstances. I will be glued to the T V now for the Olympics and Para Olympics. I just love it all.


I agree the ceremony was loverly. The drones creating the globe particularly so. I do however feel for the athletes participating in empty venues and wonder if this will effect the number of records we see as they wont have the crowds to cheer them on.


I enjoyed it, especially the recreating of the pictograms!


I think this effects lots of athletes differently. Some will feed off of the energy of a crowd and potentially be at a small disadvantage. Some will find it easier to focus and potentially be at a small advantage. Some won’t care either way🤷‍♀️ Professional (are Olympic athletes professional? I can’t remember) athletes should hopefully be able to show up and do their job to a high level no matter which category they fit into.

The UFC with no fans was great in my opinion. Seen lots of crazy fights without fans. And you could hear so much that you couldn’t before.

I love watching the olympics! There’s something so satisfying about watching someone do something they are amazing at :heart:

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It’s 6.20am in the UK and I’ve not slept yet… been watching and now trying to stay awake to watch the GB men’s gymnasts who start at about 7!


I was up at 5 so instead of going back to bed I was watching. Got the gymnastics on now. Absolutely love the olympics


Darn I missed it but read how disappointed they was about no being able to have a live audience to witness it in the stadium

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Loved watching today. Was up early because of the storm and watched all the cycling.
Tempted to set an alarm for 3 am to watch Adam Peaty.

It was a bit sad to see all the empty seats, they said there was about a thousand people in the stadium, but it was still good.

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I was hoping Geraint Thomas would medal in the road race but the luck he his having at the moment is just shocking,would also have been good if Tadej Pogacar had won for a tour TdF and Olympic double.

I agree, Geraint Thomas has had a nightmare with accidents / falls. I’m hoping for a bit of luck during the time trial.

Not sure how he will fare in the TT after all he has suffered recently.

What a great Womens Road Race this morning. To break away so early and hold on to win the race was fantastic. Not GB but a great win.

I missed the women’s road race, outside working, but I was surprised to see that it wasn’t won by a member of the Netherlands team.

It was a super race, with a small group breaking away very early and then the winner breaking away from the small group with 40 kms left. She managed to stay a head until the end. Netherlands never really got their act together until it was too late.

This has been a bit of a roller coaster ride for team GB so far.
All the events have been good to watch, my fave thus far have been Men and Women’s Triathlon both got a Silver in very remarkable circumstances, Boxing and Rugby Seven’s.

Hopefully Kye Whyte and Bethany Shreiver will win Gold in the BMX final.

A very good morning for medals. !!!
Has been fun watching since midnight

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