OMG anal is AMAZING!!

Sorry I know a lot of you already know this but I don't have anyone besides OH to discuss this with, my mates are all a bit straight laced (pity them) and I just want to chat about how awesome anal is. My OH was my first (and I plan on him being my last) I have always been turned on by the thought of it before, it has been one of my masturbation fantasies for so long, so I was delighted when he said he wanted to take my arse. From then on there has been no looking back {except when he's behind me and I turn to see his face!} I can't believe how amazing it is to have him take me up there and for ages too! So far we have managed 2+ hours non stop, I can't get enough of it!!

Does anyone else feel like this?

❤️ Yup! Anal is pretty much an essential part of our play too. I realise it's not for everyone though i do often find myself thinking when i talk to my friends about sex 'shut up and take it up the arse!' Lol

I love it too, it's great fun, feels amazing and it's so kinky it turns me right on! My favourite thing to do ever. I am male though and don't think my OH enjoys it quite as much as me but I even enjoy her playing with my ass it's that good...maybe a new step one night if you are both feeling kinky?

Mr Fun11, glad you enjoy it. I have played with OH's ass a couple of times, fingers and a toy, and he has had such amazing orgasms BUT he's still not keen. I would love to take it further but he seems to be more into getting me off (a lot!!) and saving himself for a big finally. Do guys cum quicker wirh anal play?

It takes my OH longer to cum when i put fingers and toys in his ass but he loves it. He cums really fast if i rim him.

I find mine is almost afraid of it. He has loved it when we've done it but in a kind of panicky way. I really want to do more to him cos it is just so hot when he does me.

Too much taboo about anal I have not tried anal, but I want to. Partner is skeptical as they come grrr

The ammount of nerves/sensitivity there is amazing,

I would say take it slow and don't hurt the OH or make them do anything they don't want, kills it and they will never want to take it again. Fully explain what you want to do to them, how hot you would find this and how appreciative you would be after with a reward? And yes I cum soooo hard and fast with anal, think it's the feeling, kink factor and build up before getting my release. Play with ass for a while then his cock too, the build up is very important! If yous do it more then hopefully it will be less of a panic, I felt weird for a while as we men worry it might be a bit "gay" but got over it, feels too good and know I'm straight.

Ps. Nothing against gays, I'm all for equality, you know how straight men can be about this, don't think many would say they like it down at the pub haha

Sarahgee wrote:

❤️ Yup! Anal is pretty much an essential part of our play too. I realise it's not for everyone though i do often find myself thinking when i talk to my friends about sex 'shut up and take it up the arse!' Lol

Couldn't have said it better lol

I do have a way with words grace1ess ha!

Don't knock it till you try it

Not knocking it in the slightest! I'm all for bum fucking in all shapes and forms! Lol.

I love anal too, probably more than my OH. I've been trying to convince him that he'd like me to play with his arse more, he loves to be rimmed and likes me to 'stoke' over his hole but no going in :-(
I've told him that I've been 'researching' it and he would have the most amazing orgasm with P Stop stimulation. Hopefully one day, in the meantime I'll happily receive all the bum fun in our house lol

no I ment your friends sarahgee who you think should shut up lol and I hope one day gadget girl you get in, although it looks like hes moving towards it :)

I love solo bum play and can't wait to explore giving and receiving with my gf - who's also keen to try it.....once we get together, anyway! 😭

i like anal play to but my gf wanted to take it a step forward and use a strap on on me, so we ordered one. it hurt a little at 1st but got use to it. she was slowly moving in and out as she rubbed my man hood and i never cum so hard in my life :)

I love it too! After years of failed attempts, I was with someone who actually knew what they were doing and it feels amazing! Have purchased several plugs and beads since and am happily experimenting, even prefer my glass dildo there. Just looking forward to being able to return the favour now- apparently he's up for it!

I recently had my first proper anal experience with a man and it exceeded my expectations,too.I thought it will be painful and unpleasant,but he was incredibly gentle-gave me a massage,licked me and played with a toy for quite a while,before going for the 'real thing'.I will do it again.

I am definitely going to try persuading my OH to let me play with his ass more, maybe give it a gentle stroking when I go down on him (another thing I LOVE lucky is my man?!) to remind him how good it is.

Any hints on good technique Mr Fun11? We currently have this

Corset, great news, anal is the best, both me and the OH love it, anal is well half our sex life, have you had an anal orgasm? My OH anal orgasms easier doing anal than in our other sessions and their alot stronger for her, this is mostly why we do anal more than anything, she just can't get enough of anal orgasms!