OMG! Need help! lol

I sat down to have a look at the reviews on vibrators to see what kind of rabit I should put on my wishlist. I know I'd like to try a rabbit. I've only had "regular" vibrators in the past, and would like to try a new type, and since ppl seem to praise the rabbit so much I decided I'd like to get one too.
Onto the pages for reviews I go and get a minor shock: There is 72 pages(!) of vibrators to chose from, and of those 11 pages are of rabbits alone!
I need help!!
I'd like one with some size to it since I have given birth and thus can fit in a slightly larger size.
It allso need to be a good clit-stimulator. I'm very much dependant on a good clit stim to come at all (yes it's kind of an issue to me the whole orgasm thing).

And if you guys have any good recommandations on buttplugs too I'd be very happy :) I'm still rather untrained, so I'll need a step-by-step kit of some sort I guess :)

Thanks a mill :)

hiya, ive never tried anal so i cant suggest any from personal experience but these plugs are recommended for beginners...
then you'll prob need some of this ;) :
then as for rabbits:
if youre looking for a larger one there this:
or this for added g-spot:
or a waterproof one:
or if you're into exploring anal too:
hope these help :D if not im extremely bored today and could always find some more lol x

Thanks a mill, flirty :)
I've found some fun anal stuff along with a wireless egg from a norwegian site, but I'll definately check out the rabbit collection here. The norwegian site wasn't all that good on those unfortunatelly.
It's more expencive stuff, but when you add up all the extras I'll have to pay to get stuff sent from UK it's not all that bad :P

thats ok :D im meant to be writing an essay but looking on here is so much more fun :D yeah if you can find something ok price wise over there it'll prob be alot quicker arriving aswell rather than waiting for customs etc

Why not try
I have used them loads of times, great delivery and delivery is also totally free, very discreet grat service

Hey there Sally!

Here's a great rabbit I can recommend!

And in terms of anal toys, if you're a beginner try these-

Not a butt plug, but they feel good and are great to start with:

This would be great for opening you up too :-) You can start small and go large whenever you want.

Thanks so much, Bath :)
I LOVED the start of your review on the inflatable cock!
GOD you put an image in my head with that one LOL!!
That is definately something I'd concider along with the beeds. I have tried those before, but it's been 10 years since I tried anal last, so I concider myself untrained as I need to gain control all over again.

I'll definately show my fiance the rabit tho. I too like the thought of a hand-held control as it can give me the oppertunity to control the vibrator itself while my man has control of the control (?hehe).

Thanks Sally :-)

Yeah, I know what you mean - if you leave it a while you need to go through the same practice to loosen yourself up and stretch gently so you can take larger objects anally again. I've found that half an hour each day with slightly larger objects each time (or an inflatable) soon gets you relaxed and in the mood! Let me know how you get on.

What sort of butt plugs are you interested in? Something large for stretching, or something with a small neck for wearing during the day?

hiya again, just found these too...

I have ordered this set from a Norwegian provider
Its the same set, but it costs a little bit more. In the end it won't be much difference cause it costs me a lot just to have it shipped over :)
My man loved the rabbit, and we'll get that along with a little pair of sweeites I just couldn't resist:
Since the snow has started falling here now, we really need to find fun stuff to warm us up :)

we've had snow before norway??? oh dear it really has been a crap year for weather here! hope you have fun with your purchases :D let us know

Snow started 2 weeks ago, but hasn't stayed on the ground before now hehe. Doggie went completely off her rocker when she understood that the strange white and cold stuff wasn't dangerous :P

haha yeah our dog is still confused by'd think theyd learn by the time theyre 6! lol