I really thought I could never get any pleasure from Clitoral stimulating but OMG that magic wand nearly blew my mind my hands are still shaking after 10 minutes of play and I didnt have it on very high

Another wand devotee I see.
Pleased it worked for you...!

Sometimes all it takes is the right type of stimulation from the right toy! Glad you found a way that works for you :)

It's the best!!

Hi ya, was it the mains powered wand by any chance ? Mine arrived this morning and it blew me away πŸ˜‚

Congrats, they are awesome!

Wands are fantastic toys and once you try one it’s very hard to ever go without so congrats and glad you enjoyed it ☺️

I still think they should have a wand shop setup at lovehoney like in Harry Potter πŸ¦‰

I also had this come today got it on deal of the day

Definitely a 1000 times better than my mini rabbit for reaching the parts the wand doesn't but not as good on my Clit

I really need to give my wand another shot.

Best spent Β£25 ever my only regret is I didn't try it years ago

I had to go shopping nearly missed the bus I did lay there for a few moments thinking do I really need food

AmyA wrote:

I really need to give my wand another shot.

Did you try it with lube when you last tried yours it didn't do alot for me without it

Caritas wrote:

Best spent Β£25 ever my only regret is I didn't try it years ago

Don't forget you can get an extra 20% off when you buy two Lovehoney sex toys (including Lovehoney lube and the Β£1.50 storage bags). You can really save a chunk if you bundle your purchases up. And then you have a money-off voucher in your account page too that will get you Β£20 off a Β£40+ basket on top of sale prices and multibuy offers (if you're now fully Unlimited, which I think you are?). You can use this as often as you like.

Lovehoney offers are really spectacular when you get the hang of them. πŸ™‚

AmyA - I felt like early on when I first tried the wand it literally hurt me and / or made me go numb... I then started using it on my clit over my panties and that barrier was all I needed for it to be pleasurable... you might try that ?

Caritas, I did use lube but probably not enough, that's definitely something I will try.

that's something I have considered but not tried yet, maybe I will try with something other than panties as I squirt quite easily and not keen on yet more laundry mind you if they are heading for the wash anyway..

I think the weight puts me off and I am worried to lay it down to sort of grind on it as it seems to heat up in use. I think I'd like to try one of the toy mounts one day.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I have 3 of the sit on mounts on my wish list just to try something different

Had my first ever full on orgasm tonight not from the wand but from my

When placed correctly on the right setting it totally got my G Spot going on a different setting it got my clit going turns out they like different pulses

Congratulations. πŸ™‚

I know you didn't find your first mini-rabbit strong enough but some of the ones from the higher price brackets are not only more powerful but have dual motors so you can control the ears and shaft separately. That way you can have different settings going at the same time to hit all the right spots just the way you like. Rabbits can be a bit tricky anatomy-wise though as every body is different, but I thought it worth a mention.

And there's also the two-toy set-up Jezebella mentioned to you in another thread where you have something like a mini-wand or a bullet for your clit stimulation and a shaft/g-spot vibe for the internals. A glass dildo is also pretty good to use in that situation too.

I hope this is the first of many. πŸ™‚

I am strongly thinking about getting the attachment for the wand

I love my wand too :)