One for the guys

As the title says this is one for the guys, though I'm sure you ladies might be able to help.

I've just started trying to shave my balls, it feels great with them nice and smooth and oh loves it. The only problem is I can never get them particularly smooth no matter how long I spend trying to get the last ones. So I'm contemplating hair removal cream. They all say not to use on genitals so was wondering has anyone tried it on their balls? Did it go ok or should I stick to e razor?

You can get extra sensitive hair removal cream that can be used on faces, maybe that would be better?

Have you ever gone on Amazon and read the reviews for veet for men cream ? Some of the funniest reviews you will ever read online .

Here's a link I hope this helps !

I have to agree I've been laughing so much at some of those reviews before now and they are hilarious lol. x

With all the horror stories made by men, you might just be best going to get waxed.

I shave mine for months then end up stopping as I find it time consuming and like you I can't quite get them completely smooth. After a bit I start shaving again as I cant stand them hairy...

Be thinking about a wax job... haven't got round to it yet

I have just HOWLED that is hirlious lol that poor man in that review

My OH goes for the Mach 3, lasts for around 2 weeks nice and smooth before it needs done again

I use a lady shaver or my Phillips body shaver. Take your time, grooming should be pleasurable ;-)


I usually do it in a bath, sit in a warm (not roasting) bath, use sensitive shaving gel and a new razor blade, I use wilkinson sword titanium, make sure you apply plenty of shaving gel and take your time, it is time consuming but worth it. I usually apply sensitive moisturiser afterwards. I've shaved mine for years and got into the rountine of doing, it's all about your own preference though.

We have gillette fusion proglide, my OH is very hairy naturally but when he shaves its always silky smooth =P

Don't use removal cream, even if it says it's suitable, it's probably not!!
Shaving will be easier the more you do it, the first time you do it the longer hairs will clog the blades up, but when you're shaving short hairs its much faster and gives a much smoother result x

I am using nair hair removal cream, (white and pink tube) and apart from the time I got abit too close to my bumhole its been really good. Just experiment a little bit with how long you leave it on for. About 7 mins works for me.

I'm sorry brahman but I chortled at you and your bumhole

Just a little update. I gave veet a bash. I went for sensitive just in case. Little bit awkward getting a decent coverage but result was pretty good. I left it for 5 mins and whipped it all off slightly worried that it may start dissolving my scrotum. All in all nice and smooth a few of the thicker hairs remain so next time I will leave it slightly longer

scotwife wrote:

My OH goes for the Mach 3, lasts for around 2 weeks nice and smooth before it needs done again

A Mach 3, works for me!

I think a lot of it depends how wrinkly you are in the sack department. Having an erection while you do it can make it easier. Interesting to hear the the veet seemed to work out. May have a try myself.

Just read reviews for Veet for men on Amozon
I have tears rolling down my face, so funny
And as for my cock and balls, thy've done a disappearing act at the thought of me getting some,
and I've had to coax them out with a pencil

I have always gone down the wet shave route, in fact when I had the snip I was asked to shave myself prior to my appointment.

The nurse actually complimented me on the good job I had done!

I use Lush shaving cream with a razor that is just too blunt for my face.

After reading the reviews I will be sticking with the razor and shaving gel, although the reviews are very funny and brightened my day up no end