One night away

At last me and the wife are going to get a night away after what i think must be 10 years.

We got a deal 1 night dinner b&b in 4 star hotel for just over a £100 shes very happy.

But I'm worried we havn't had sex for over a month I have always been excited about her she only has to take her cloths off , after a month this will be to much and it will be all over in a couple of minutes for me.

She's talking about humpy bump at the hotel which is not normal for here she doesnt have much of a sex drive

strange thing is she has no interest in me a moment which is putting me off the weekend.

I know I should be happy but i just carnt get my head round it.

Awwww hunni, post couples go threw dry spells it's no reflection on you guys as a couple or on how much your Wife loves you.

Her having no interest in sex doesn't mean she has lost interest in you. I would say my sex drive is well above average but even I have dry spells where I just cant get in the mood or even feel the need

I understand how this must make you feel, maybe this weekend will give you time to reconnect on an intimate level sometimes that's all it takes

If your worried about proformance don't be hunni she loves you always remember that, you can also have lots of solo play before hand to take the edge off

Enjoy your time together and I hope you have an amazing time xxx

Hey mate think positive, she is looking forward to the night and some humpy bump so why dont you?. Routine is a killer for peoples libido, maybe a change of location is what she and you need. Taking your lady to a nice hotel is spoiling her and most ladies love their man to spoil them occasionally.

I dont think any woman would be happy if it only lasted 2 minutes EVERY time. But when Ive been away a long time my wife finds it a compliment, that I still find her so attractive I cant keep control.

Share your anxiety with your wife, its a bit embarrassing to talk about at first but my wife found it a bit cute, you are after all telling her how physically attractive you find her.

PS If you both enjoy it make sure you do it again...but at a different hotel.

You'll be fine hun!

Share your thoughts with ya missus, so she understands your worries! Us women are good, but we aren't mind readers unfortunately!

You will have a fantastic time, believe me!

And just think, you have all night!!

Enjoy! xx

! Us women are good, but we aren't mind readers unfortunately!

scarily, some (many) of you are lol

we have to use hotels a lot. We find a good turn on is for her to wear a dress or skirt then, when about halfway there she will smile at me and slip her panties off, always a masive turnon for both of us