I’m a broke student hoping to move across the seas to study, but my parents don’t want to support me for god knows what amount.
I’m think of starting an OnlyFans with me using my sex toys, just to get some extra money saved up for uni! Any opinions? :sweat_smile:


If that’s what you want to do I say go for it :smirk:

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I agree, if it’s something you want to do then I’d say go for it.

I would say though think about it carefully in terms of your boundaries - for example are you happy to show your face or not? How much are you comfortable showing? What impact if any might this have in future (job/career, family etc). I’d also recommend listening to podcasts - I’ve listened to a couple from people who have only fans and they discussed things like how much you have to do outside of the content creation (social media engagement etc) - it was super interesting and they went into stuff that I wouldn’t have even thought about.

Have fun with it if you do, remember to be safe and stick to your set rules, but enjoy it :blush:


If that is something you want to do they I say go for it. As long as you have thought over the practical implications and are not worried about the aspect of people you know finding your onlyfans then I would say do it if it’s what you want to do.

I was considering starting one while ago but decided not to as am worried about friends and family finding my page as well as the implications for future careers (as I want to be a teacher) so that would be a deal breaker!



I would think very hard too, as when you do get your qualifications and apply for posts, you would hate that they found something that you regret when they do their background checks and research on you.

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Definitely a lot to consider before starting one! I’m for sure gonna listen to some podcasts about it. Thank you everyone for the input!

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I have a fansmine account and even if I don’t make anything I just enjoy feeling sexy and having fun taking pictures

Just remember that you’ll need to pay back taxes. They have you fill out a w9 to receive money. You might be better off on chaturbate and premium Snapchat.


I used to be on chaturbate years ago