Ooooh! That's It! G-Spot Stimulation Gel Free Sample?

What the chance of getting this in a trial sample like you do with the clit stim gel?
It may not work for everyone, so 17 quid is a lot to spend if it does not work for me.

I agree, everybody should get a go at this. The results were stunning.
I have just posted a review on this one. Believe me, for 17 quid its a bargain and will leave you a quivering wreck... in a nice way of course ;)

I ordered it, arrived yesterday. Tried it last night, nothing.

I'm beginning to think I really don't have a g-spot.... :(

Interesting discussion... There's a lot of debate about whether or not the G-spot really exists and I guess this sums it up -- some girls do and some girls don't!

I have tried this and it really worked for me. However, if you want to do G-spot exploration, I think you have to be quite turned on first: you can't just get in there and start pressing and expect fireworks!

I actually found it easier with a partner at first, as I concentrate on clitoral stimulation, and get my partner to do the g-spot bit: this brings best results for me. Otherwise, use a clitoral vibe and combine with a g-spot dildo or vibrator; best to warm up with clit stim first, though, I find.

In short: good build up of arousal should precede any tinkering in g-spot area.

Happy searching!

Maybe your g-spot responds better to the pressure of a penis than the stroking of a finger?

Sombody can "come hither" my fanny as much as they like but nouts going to happen.

I suspected there might be a link between the clitoral stimulating gel working and the G-spot gel, they both contain the active ingredient arginine.

The clitoral gel definitely worked on me so I invested in the G-spot gel which also worked after a fashion, perhaps too well.

I could clearly feel a very intense difference and I desperately needed an internal g-spot orgasm when it was used. Unfortunately the one time when we used it we were interrupted by a suddenly very sick child and I was therefore unable to carry on to climax. I spent the next two-three days absolutely gagging for it. While I was trying to concentrate on nursing my sick child I felt was virtually clawing at the walls and had a postman called at the house while she was asleep I might just have dragged him in and yet I didn't find the opportunity to use any of my vast range of toys for several days.

I haven't been brave enough since to try it again I feel I need to be absolutely confident I have a whole weekend of male attention available. Once I’ve had that opportunity I will write a review.

I've only recently discovered I have one - or rather my partner found it ;-) I'd be interested in the gel as the clitoral one was amazing for me... however £17 for a chance it may work... hmm a little much for a 'give it a try' - even if the 99p samples were available I'd buy and try it!

I tend to think that my G-Spot doesn't exist unless my boyfriend has his fingers up me, lol. I wouldn't mind giving this stuff a go (never managed to come just from g-spot stim but would love to), but at £17 it's a bit much if it doesn't work. Hmm.

The G-spot cream does nothing for me either, although the clitoral gel is great. I'm sure that the G-spot does exist but I agree with Jo-Marie that nothing seems to works like a real penis - with that I have no problems!

It's the thrusting motion that works for me, not just being stuffed full with a vibrator. It'll be interesting to see if the new 'Wave' Rabbit has the desired effect on anyone.