Opened by mistake and oh! what a surprise!

Received an LH package today. Great, I thought, the special things I ordered. Instead I found this big boy inside

Checking I realised the post label was addressed to my OH. He's been away and I said I wanted something big when he got back. I've sealed the pack back up but that looks to be something else! Anyone here had experience of it?

Got that one! Had it for about a year now. Not something that gets taken out every night, but one for those special occasions. OH was defo worried about the size when I first presented but now it's her who asks for the 'fat boy' and will make me ride her hard. Just make sure you're ready to take it and use plenty of lube. You'll enjoy it.

BTW I did a couple of reviews - check out those on your link above. Did one after using one night and again a few months down the line. It's stood up well since, even though it's seen one hell of a lot of action.

ahhh how exciting XD

Oh my goodness I'd be so excited!! XD