Oral sex

Hey everyone, need a little advice please. My husband who I have been with for 12 years always refused to give me oral sex :-( it's something I really used to enjoy and have really missed it. Friday night he asked me to put my body stocking on and when I did he went down on me. Hears the problem!!! I felt so uncomfortable and didn't really enjoy it, and also he wasn't doing it right. I didn't tell him as I didn't want to knock his confidence. So has any 1 got any tips how we can both feel comfortable and enjoy it. Thanks x

I find it OH is not doing what I want I tell how I like it so if it going right I say right there baby or if he is using his hands I grab over his hand to guide him xx

Good advice kinky thanks :-)

I have to agree with KF, us blokes, like to think, we know our way around, but occasionally, believe it or not we have to stop and ask for directions!

My OH is good at giving positive feedback like "I like that", rather than anything negative, I also can tell be the way she moves her body and by her breathing when I have got it right.

We do need guidance, even, men find it hard to navigate in the dark! lol


Thanks for your advise Hampshire Hogg, when I try and give him advise he takes it personal then I sulk and say forget it. Think we need to bang our heads together and communicate properly. It's hard work though x

Good advice there, we need positive re-enforcement and lots of practice!

RandyMuppet wrote:

Good advice there, we need positive re-enforcement and lots of practice!

The more practice the better I say!

RandyMuppet wrote:

Good advice there, we need positive re-enforcement and lots of practice!

Have to agree there, how are men supposed to know what to do if we aren't told?

Well hopefully I will gets some practice tonight ?


Hi Nancy, I was in the same position as you. I had to be really honest with my partner and I showed him on the back of his hand the pressure I needed and the technique that I enjoyed. For me it was so important as its the only was I can orgasm. I know it's hard to be so frank but it really pays off in the long run, oral sex with my oh now is mind blowing. Good luck x

Hi 2nd chance. Thanks very much for that. I'm very wary over saying anything to be honest as he has only done it once in twelve years and that was e other night. I really want him to do it again. Part of the problem is me because by him saying no all them years ago its sort of made me feel nervous and panicky. Thanks again for your advise x

Oral for me is a must !

I think men that dont lick pussy are wimps !

Haha jimi can't really say that I him though :-)

I didn't mean to offend there Nancy...

I just cant imagine not licking a woman its just a must for me

No offence taken jimi, wish my oh thought like that :-) just have to ban him and see how he liked it lol

My boyfriend tends to be a little bit rough with oral and always fingers me at the same time which sometimes I find a little offputting. So I like to say in a sweet, innocent, little voice "can I have two fingers today?" or "can I just have your tongue" and it drives him wild!

Give lots of direction and encouragement or sit on his face if you really want to be in control!

Back in the days when I was trying to be straight I used to find oral really useful because it was the easiest way to give my partner an orgasm and it meant a lot of the time we didn't have penetrative sex.

Firstly, if you're completely shaved he will find it a much much nicer experience. It makes quite a big difference. Secondly, even someone who is terrible at it will occasionally stumble upon something that feels nice. Jump on those occasions with a "do that again, that feels really nice." Continue with the positive reinforcement and eventually he'll be doing enough "nice things" to give you a lovely time.

One further tip though. When you orgasm please dont clamp his head with your thighs because although you won't cover his nose and mouth for very long he won't be able to breathe so it will still be quite scary.

Take care

Anna xx

I agree with all advices here. Just tell your man what your like or even better show him. Men like to be guided by women.

Thanks for the great advise, just got to get him to do it again now. And if and when he does I need to relax. Some great tip! Thanks very much xx