Order not showing in my history

Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone can help. Perhaps @Lovehoney_Brenna will be able to confirm. I made an order on 5th July and its been received and I’m doing my reviews by just finding the items on the website, but its not showing in my order history that I can see. It wasn’t a huge order but as we earn points I wanted to ensure that I get my points for the order.

I think that’s one for Customer Care. :+1:

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Oredr history was a bit glitchy earlier and told me it couldn’t show mine. Just placed another (pesky sale discounts!) and all recent and past orders are showing now. :wink:


Thankyou both. Ill drop them a message tomorrow if it hasn’t sorted itself

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Is anyone having trouble viewing their order history when they log in to their account? I am using my iPhone so not sure if that’s why but it’s been like this since before Christmas and it’s still not showing.

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@Rob36 found this workaround if that’s any good?

Mine is doing this and has been for ages.

Unfortunately I don’t have a laptop I can use to try the workaround :frowning:

I have this every time on my mobile. Even if I set it to desktop mode through Google Chrome. It works on desktop mode on my phones default browser though (Samsung Internet)

I only use my phone to access everything so i don’t have the workaround option either. I use safari browser so thought it might be that but I see that it happens on google chrome too.

I contacted customer care and they just said the tech department has been working on that issue. It’s a small issue but I find it really frustrating it’s been going on for quite a while and I figured that they would have sorted it by now grrr :triumph:

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I’ve tried Safari, Chrome and Google on my phone and it’s the same on all of them.

It is frustrating isn’t it @PrettyKitty24, especially when I’m trying to remember what I’ve ordered!

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Have you tried ticking the desktop site button on the browsers?

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First time that’s worked for me, usually doesn’t but today it has! :raised_hands: thanks @Goth_Girl!

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How do you do this? I’m the worst with technology!!

In the settings of the browser, usually accessed by 3 dots or a settings cog there should be a “desktop mode” option to tick

If you have an iPhone, it shows if you click the AA on the left of the website bar.

(Hope the screenshot is okay to post @Lovehoney_Brenna!)

It has never shown for me on any devices :frowning: