Orgasm balms

Hi can anyone give me a tip which is the best orgasm balm/gel as there is a few and I've never tried them before. Was looking at the lovehoney orgasm bliss tin. Thanks xx

The Lovehoney Bliss is lovely. It works really quickly and does what it says on the (pretty heart-shaped) tin.

Another similar one is the Desire balm.

I can thoroughly recommend both of these.

I think I might try the bliss one first see how it is then look at the more expensive ones. I don't like the thought of gels I never use lubricant I have done with a pussy pump and I don't like the feel of gels they are too sticky haha. Balms sound better. Thank you for your reply.

We have tried a number of different balms/drops and oils and the one that works best for my wife is the Lovehoney cherry bomb with all balms though put it on 5 minutes or so before you want to start feeling the effects. My wife puts it on before she puts on an outfit.

The Bliss and the Cherry balms are both in the 3 for £15 offer at the moment, just in case you'd not spotted it. 👍

Just go easy with your first use and wait a few minutes before being tempted to add more.

Once applied it is very difficult to take some away.