Orgasm on a budget? Recommendations please!

So I'm looking to build up my collection a little but just wondered what items you would all recommend that are perhaps cheap but do the job?

What budget purchases have really surprised you?

Thanks x

You might want to take a look at this little(!) beauty. Please see our review below:

Hi Vampyhooch,

What sort of budget are you looking at?

Looks like it might be fun 😀👍

Love the review btw, very honest. Giggled at the bit about the 'grand canyon like down there'. 😂

Will put it on my wish list, nice one!

Lower than £30-40 really. Just interested with perhaps some of the basics range but wondering if they are worth it if you already own some things similar if that makes sense ...

We really love the glass toys by LH. The lovehoney beaded glass dildo really hits the spot.

What may be worth a try for you aswell is an orgasm balm. Our favourite is

Oooh and this is amazing. I recieved as a tester and i thought it would cost more than it does.

Like the look of the g spot vibrator. Mind you, have ordered a black one in a slightly different style off here yesterday so waiting for that to arrive!

The oh-moji wand range is excellent if your on a budget! Only £19.99 at the moment and reachargable:

Definitely worth getting a wand in your collection if you haven’t got one ☺️

Is that similar to the one that was on deal of the day yesterday because I've ordered that 🙊😀

Oh it’s probably the same, if they are in the oh-moji range then it’s just a different emoji on the head of the wand, but a good choice. Have you seen the Motörhead glass bomber dildos too? They are only £10 at the moment and excellent to get you into glass toys:

No it wasn't an emojii one it was a lonely honey micro wand? They do them in white and black. I am contemplating the motorhead one but as I've usually used vibrating ones before I'm worried if it'll work for me or not! :/ Am definitely intrigued though!

Oh the Lovehoney ones are even better and an absolute steal if you managed to get one on the deal of the day! I was going to suggest them originally but they range between £39.99-£70 and I didn’t know your budget ha. The Motörhead bomber is definitely worth a purchase and that plus the Lovehoney wand at the same time will make you want to stay in your bedroom for a lifetime!

Yeah I did notice the full size wands which are out of budget at the moment so the micro was on offer at 8.50 I think half price! ;)

Hi there, I have this vibe - which is on sale atm. It is really powerful and rumbly :)

I agree that most of the glass toys are very good value but other than that I have to honest and say even the best budget toys I have found I soon want to upgrade, whether that means silicone instead of a less cleanable material or usb rechargeable rather than batteries. There is a saying, "buy cheap, buy twice" that's not to say that budget toys are not good, it's just for a little more you can get something that will really last you (and possibly save you on batteries in the long run!)

That being said I think the Mantric range is very good value for the quality.

This was one of our first toys omg it was amazing. Ours is broken and trying to decide if to replace with the same or go for the purple one which is on offer at half price (normally £15) and one up from the basic range

It's a fiver out of your budget, but the Red Hot Flickering Tongue is amazing. My pooter won't let me do links, sorry.

It has the power of the Tango but is just... better.

I bought a load of the budget vibes/eggs etc. when I first discovered Lovehoney, but I've recycled them all and invested in some higher end toys. They're a different league and worth saving for.

I've just discovered glass dildos. Oh my life! My Icicle with blue spiral is utterly wonderful. I just wat to stroke it, put it inside me and keep it there. It fills, has a large head, incredible ridges - and never needs batteries or recharging. Used with a little clitoral vibrator like a Bang-Bang Bunny and you'll never do anything else. Like the washing up . . .

If you prefer just one thing, the Fluttering Kiss G-spot and Clitoral vibrator is excellent, and although it needs batteries, it runs happily on rechargeable batteries, so that does at least minimise the battery problem.

Good luck!

The Deal is the Day today is a similar design to the butterfly kiss, though it doesn't have the 'flutter'. Still, it's rechargeable and has 55% off.