Outdoor spanking

Help, need some advice here. My OH is desperate to try out the Bettie Page spanking paddle we received recently from LH. Only she wants me to use it outside in the garden. The neighbour has gone out, high wall down one side of garden with path on outside leading to cliff top, with path along back of garden with fence that has gaps in. Anyone walking on cliff accross back of garden could see her getting a spanking!! if they look through fence. Should I go for it or not. The minx wants to go for it this afternoon.

If it's your property and you're consenting adults then go for it! I mean, be careful, obviously. I'm sure you don't want children to accidentally see you or something but you just go do you.x

Thanks for that bex1213, I can check it is clear for a distance by looking through upstairs bedroom window. Looks like she will get her wish and Bettie Page will be coming out to play. Cheers.

Agree.....as long as children can't view what's happening then go for it if you both fancy it x

Just let us know how it goes!x

Mmm! Enjoy xx

Obviously making sure no children can see! Have fun!

Have fun a good spanking outsides such a turn on m mmm 💏
Let us know how you get on ❤xx

try something new if you are both happy with it and then you will know weather you like it or not

Hope it went well and you both enjoyed it

Sorry If I come accross as a prude . That type of activity is best kept indoors. There is always that risk oudoors that you could be spotted by others and perhaps children .

Play safe!

Hi everyone, I must point out I am new to this forum and I asked for advice and got it. Many thanks for your comments much appreciated and taken heed of. Just to let you know we checked out the path and no one was walking so we went for it. My OH laid over garden table with bare ass in air and Bettie Page paddle was christened. Although we were both enjoying it,we put a time limit on so we knew we were alone so I went for it harder than normal and her ass was soon red. We then moved back int othe house and upgraded to the stronger paddle and belts. My OH was overjoyed and we had a really good session and the sex afterwards was brilliant. Thanks for your help and no hesitation in asking for your thoughts in the future.

Anytime, glad you had such a great evening!