over doing it?

recently my OH has been complaining of pain down below after a few days of having quite rough sex, and it really started causing him alot of pain this weekend. He says it is not in a specific place but just generally hurts all over, I also think the end of it looks a bit bruised compared to normal :/ Is this just due to having too much sex? (i thought once a day was ok? ) or is it due to being too rough?

A couple of weeks ago I did come down from the wrong angle whilst being on top and caught it so could it be reoccuring from that?

Any Input welcome! :D xx

ok thank you :) he did say it hurt when he went to the toilet but it seems to be better now and easing off, so probably just bruising :) xx

I always seem to be able to bruise myself really easily. This normally comes around from just being too rough, extended sessions and not using a lube of some sort. I regularly damaged my foreskin with bruising and tearing. This would sting a lot when going to the toilet so I wonder if this is the sort of pain your OH described. I also find it painful sometimes just to hold myself when bruised which makes going to the toilet an uncomfortable experience.

I have been to the nurse when I have been suffering from particularly bad bruising and have been advised to use a nappy rash cream on my genitals during the day. I was sceptical at first but it did seem to work for me both as a barrier and with healing but I guess some people might not be comfortable using nappy cream.

I am not sure if you are able to mention brands on here but I use a cream that is widely available in the supermarkets.

But I think most people would suggest you use lube as a matter of course, which is a great help although it can be messy.

Thank you! he seems to be alot better now so I think it was simply just too much rough sex XD Moderation is going to have to be learnt! xx

the angle wen u on top can hurt sometimes