Over excited

Just joined it
So dont know much of the forum
Read some of the posts and found member participate alot .
I found myself over excited every time when it comes to sex and ejaculate too quick .
How do you guys handle this
How women coperate to this



Hi and welcome to the forums. There will be many members willing to offer good advice.

If you ejaculate too soon, try delay creams, the other way to slow it down is to masturbate and ejaculate first, before getting with your partner, then when you are having sex it will take longer, as men have a built in dwell time before being able to ejaculate for a second time.

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Hi craig

I tried delay cream
Didnt really work
And tried masterbuate but even that didnot help
I am single tried stuff on my own
So far nothing worked

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Hello and welcome to the forum. :wave:

It’s very easy to get excited in the heat of the moment.

Perhaps you could try a cock ring, there a great asset when it come to extending a session.

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Read the comments by members on ‘edging’, that with practice might help to delay the outcome.

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Thanks for reply
Has anyone had experience of cock ring and edging here ? With result

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Hello and welcome.
Great intro,
Maybe use the search bar and type in your questions to find quick answers first.
Lovehoney do sell Delay spray which may help

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Hi, welcome to the forum :wave:
Having a search of old topics with the search bar (top right) might also throw up some good suggestions

Does same solution work for everyone
Or is it person to person dffrnt

Hi and welcome to the forum

Hi there and welcome

Firstly welcome @Meltingsoul! Hope you find us all welcoming this place is the best forum on the internet you will find!

So my advise would be to when having sex, change positions when your nearly at the point maybe change to oral (you giving) give yourself a little break on that side of things, and then go back in at a different position start with the position that get you the most excited and nearly end on your least fav position and when it comes to the time your wanting to finish get back to that sweet spot and off you go!

Hope this advise helps!

Hello :wave

As said above if you look top right at the :mag: symbol you can search for your query there, if not let us know here.

Hi :wave: welcome to the forum! Others have suggested the same but I would look into a cock ring for an option that doesn’t require creams/sprays.

Hi @Meltingsoul :wave:
Welcome to the forum!

My advice is just a repeat of that above. Masturbate first and consider a cock ring. Maybe lengthen the foreplay time by giving more oral or using toys on your partner so she is nearly there before docking so to speak. Hopefully she’ll cum quickly too that way ans I suspect the more you do it the longer you’ll last.

Best advice I can give is don’t get overly excited because if you do then you won’t be lasting long. Best thing is breath gently, deep breathing and also try not to focus too much into what your doing. Do not over think, it’ll take the pressure off you and help you last longer. When you feel you’re about to come slow down, just remember as a man you need to make sure you come together if not after. Never before. If a man comes before a woman she will not be happy regardless what she says. A man cannot come before a woman if he wishes to remain in a happy relationship with her. Search breathing techniques during sex. That will definitely help you. Remember happy wife, happy life! :blush:


I understand your concern. Sometimes it takes multiple times of masterbation before it helps you to last that much longer. I did find about 15-20 minutes before sex would do it. Give me enough time to recover, but not long enough to go real quick. I also make sure to give oral till she orgasms that way she is excited when I enter. So when I only last for a minute or so she still orgasms with me. A cock ring gives some extra time after ejaculating to keep going.
Keggle exercises help and I also find wearing a penis extender helped as well wearing it a few hours each day. Good luck.

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No way would I start on the slippery slope of pharmaceutical drugs, especially at a young age, but if tempted I suggest you do proper research first into exactly what they do and all their effects. :warning: