Packer Dildos

What can I say, I've always wanted one. Not really sure why. Just wanted a cock of my own I guess. lol
I got this one.

Have any of you bought anything weird like this? Something that doesn't serve any real purpose. ^_^;;
Or am I just weird for buying this?

Well I've bought numerous games consoles and the gf would argue that they serve no real purpose.

Oh but they do. They stop endless hours of boredom!
I couldn't live without my xbox! >.<

I've left mine at my flat for the summer. Given up my xbox live. Given up my GTA4. I thought I'd be constructive, instead I just sit on the net.

I wore it at my friends house for a laugh. He thought I'd stuffed a sock down there. Then I got my little willie out.
He ran out of the house. lol
He really thought it was real, it was brilliant.
He saw the funny side of it....after a while. Oh this has so much potential for mischief. *evil grin*

Now that you point that out it seems like a wise purpose... go back to work after your summer hols with a short wig on, bind your chest, and shove that down your pants... then go ask people to feel how much its like the real thing...

and yeh games consoles are anything but useless...