Pandemic Dildos!

Like a lot of people I imagine, we’ve been keeping lovehoney in the UK pretty busy over the last 8 months. We’ve both been working from home so there has been more opportunity to explore, and this has meant more dildos! The pick of the two we’ve tried recently are:

Glass tentacle:

I was a bit sceptical when my wife ordered this - I thought it looked a bit novelty. How wrong I was! The glass “suckers” drive her bananas, either from short, sharp thrusts, or longer, slower motions. The loop at the end helps keep a hold of it when things are a bit wet and slippy. Wife’s new favourite dildo, and she gushes regularly with it.

Steel beaded:

This thing is heavy! Really weighs down and stretches my wife’s pussy, which makes the ribbed texture all the more effective. A little hard to keep upright if your hands are covered in lube / pussy juice, but that’s the only issue.

For me, I like a good butt plug, so treated myself to a bVibe rimming buttplug (, which is fantastic. Amazing sensations, and the remote control offers a lot of settings. Doesn’t quite get me to a prostate orgasm, but it’s a close thing. Next step is to use this with the tentacle on my wife at the same time - can’t wait.


How did you get on with the Desire Luxury Beaded Stainless Steel Dildo? I have bought this recently to master getting a G spot orgasm and learn to squirt?

The weight is tremendous, and it’s biggest selling point. The beads are nice but the girth of the dildo isn’t enormous, so it gets more dfriction from the weight than the girth.

My (sub) wife orgasms easily from it. She gushes but is not squirting yet. I think this is a good toy for trying though. The weight on your g-spot will feel amazing.

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Hi @Scottishandy :wave:
Welcome to the forum.

I don’t have the b-vibe rimming plug but I have a for some unbeknownst reason, a discontinued(!), rimming plug from the Desire range. From the female perspective the rotation in the base is soooooo much better than the vibrations higher up. I think you made a great choice.

The steel beaded is on my list but I stupidly left it too late when it was on deal of the week so I’m waiting for the next good deal on it! :joy:


The Steel dildo is great, and my wife loves the density of it - weights on her g-spot.

Don’t sleep on the tentacle though. I realise it looks a bit nuts / novelty, but the hard ridges make my wife cum REALLY hard.

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