Pander to me! .. PRODUCTS ONLY

Personally I would love to see Lovehoney do a BDSM or kinky calendar one year full of restraints, body safe candles, pinwheels etc.
I know it probably doesn’t make sense from a marketing point of view as the ratio of kinky to non kinky people is probably slim but I think it would be cool :smiling_face:


There used to be a subscription service, something like that would be fun for people.

There are plenty of BDSM kits, you could buy a few of those and wrap up the separate bits yourself and open one a month. But I think a kit, pricewise would be more appealing to people.

A build your own kit would be good though, I have a lot of whats already in the pre-made kits but there are a few bits I’d still like to get.

Do you mean like a desktop calendar with daily tear-off pages with kinky things on then?

Dakimakura style body pillows, you could do pillow cases with famous pornstars and have slots for flesh lights\dildos

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