Pander to me! .. PRODUCTS ONLY

Personally I’d love some ‘how to’ books. Like I love the idea shibari but I’d love a little pocket guide to get us started instead of hundreds of internet searches!

Now I doubt this product exists but I’m sure there is a calling for it…
Sometimes I like to wear crotchless tights out when it’s a bit colder but I’m on a date with hubby. BUT I also like a bit of shapewear to keep the ‘jiggly’ bits in place (:laughing::rofl:). If someone could just combine the two I’d be a very happy lady!

Shapewear above the pubic bone-hips area and crotchless below. Please and thank you!

@Delightful87 You can get mock garters. I’ve not seen any shape where ones but they are crotch less tights. I don’t think I’m allowed to mention the company but they are very good and offer lots of styles and colours. I personally love my mock garters they are super sexy and really comfortable. They are clothing only and mostly tights and underwear and now some lingerie.

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I’d really like to see a body added to this new range. Or a bra set with higher waisted knickers (I don’t get on with suspender belts, they don’t look right on me).