Paying for speedy delivery?

Why is there even an option to pay for a speedy delivery? I made an order yesterday afternoon, and it arrived this morning, using the super saver delivery method.

Was it like personally deliverd by hand or something???

lols, I have never ordered from any other company and had delivery so fast, its like they have their own postmen or something.

Dammit, you've found us out!

Anyway, I can't stay, I've got to get up to Crieff to deliver these nipple tassels.

"gets on bike"

The local post office did some reorganizing and they now take a day or two longer with the standard delivery. I made a £50 order during the last celebratory sale though and it arrived about 20 hours later. Things from other companies are taking even longer though.

My theory is that LH pays the posties in Lelos. Perhaps Numbers is just calling them nipple tassels so he doesn't get mugged while making the Scotland drop off.

[whistles nonchalantly whilst checking train times to Crieff...]

I sometimes had to wait 2-3 days with the standart delivery for my toy to arrive. Usually it was the next day, but not always. So if you are in a hurry to get the parcel, it may be a security option it is delivered in time.

Funnily enough, I love that option (when it's free =P ) because it allows me to potentially delay a delivery. Before I became less paranoid about my parents opening parcels, it was a really good thing for me to be able to, for example, order something on monday when there was a deal, skip having it delivered on tuesday when I wouldn't be in to get to the door, and have it delivered on wednesday.

I use it when I want something to arrive on a specific day, because i've never had to worry about slow delivery with LH. =)