Pearl thongs

Does anyone wear pearl thongs for long periods of time, to work etc? When you put it on, would you add some lube just to make a good start? Bit of an underwear challenge going on between missus and me, I've to go commando at, on a building site! She's going to wear a pearl thong all day til I get home. Don't want it to irritate her skin.

Very interested to hear the replies. We're looking at a pearl or chain thong.

Just make sure public area is smooth, else pearls will snag and pull public hair out.

I've worn them to work before but as DLJL says, she needs to be smooth to avoid hair catching on them. I've never bothered about lube, usually get a little wetter shortly after wearing them. May need to tuck the string of beads inside her labia to rub against clit properly though. It's fun wearing them, especially if she sends you some sneaky pics during the day :-D

They can pinch/nip sometimes ?

They can also break leading to an embarrassing situation dropping pearls as you go along. Needless to say that I'll be saving them to wear at home these days!

My girlfriend has a couple of pears of these, she doesn’t often use them for long periods but does enjoy the pearls and how they feel. I often play and rub her when she is in them and use it as a way of starting fore play. My girlfriend also likes them in public as it’s a different feel and adds a little bit of a edge and naughtiness when out that only herself or us to know about. It’s interesting reading some of these comments. Is adding the lube to the pearls affective or not? And would that allow for longer wear?

In the end, following some of these comments, we went for the chain G string instead.

As others have said, I’d recommend being completely waxed but there’s no reason why she couldn’t wear pearls all day. I’ve worn them under work clothes but my preference is under tight jeans. A bit of lube might help as well but I don’t tend to have any issues in that regard so isn’t something I’ve needed to do.

I can happily wear a pearl thing all day, good tip from Bexy above to wear it with tight jeans! No need for lube though I can't imagine it hurts to pop a bit on. I'd also agree with the waxing comment, never worn one without being smooth but I can imagine it not being a great idea.