Peeking back

Heyo! Been a while since I was about here, but having a wee cheeky peek back in. Had a bit of a rough year, what with the knee injury (now healed, just working on getting strength back in those weakened muscles, yum physio!) and the break-up (we're back together, even while we were apart it couldn't really 'take', and it was all down to a depressive spiral kicking off and making me do my push-away thing) and said depressive spiral (back off the meds again and managing ok). Plus I finally got a job (huzzah!) so my life's kinda great right now, just busy, and still focused quite heavily on keeping it that way.

Anyways, I know I still owe Alice a review from, like last May...I'm a terrible person, not sure if it's still relevant, but will get it up as soon as I find the wee doodah that tells me what doodah to link it to. And probably not going to be about all *that* much what with the aforementioned busy-itude. But been missing this place, and even got a new order to celebrate having money and to replace my G4 Elegance that, being a favourite pretty much since I got it, got used to death and is discontinued here! Actually bought one off another site just because I loved it so much, but the bugger wouldn't even charge; teach me to go elsewhere! Picked up this and definitely think it's a keeper, although will need a lot more use before saying more than that. :)

So yeah, hi to those who remember me, and those who've come along in the meantime. I'm all lurky for now, but might go on my wee rant-sprees when I've some time to trawl interesting threads.

Hey BB welcome back glad things are on the up x

Hi and welcome back x

Welcome back BB

Few familiar faces around and lots of new ones


Hey BB, welcome back, be nice to see you around. Glad things are working out for you


Welcome back BB :) xx

Hi BB, welcome back! The forums are a bit -meh- on certain threads nowadays but we are still the same friendly lot! I'm glad to hear life is on the up, congratulations on your new job! :)

Lovely to see you back! Hope your knee is on the mend soon :-)

welcome back BB its good to see you back!