pelvic inflammatory disease

HIya All

i was diagnosed with this a few weeks ago ,so i was wondering could using sex toys,Cause pelvic inflammatory disease,i have never been unfaithful and have recently had all the sti checks, which came back negative today ,so i know it was not caused by an sti ,now im wondering if using a sex toy could have caused it ,i did try and ask at the clinic but felt embarrased,i have used toy cleaner for all my toys, i have been with my partner for seven years and never had anything like this before,so im puzzled as to why i developed PID i also know my partner as always been faithful his test are negative to ,so wondering maybe i have not cleaned a toy properly,and thats why i got it,so could a toy be to blame or is it something that just happens to women

also could you advise me on the best way to clean toys,i have been using spray toy cleaner but worried that it may not have worked so,is there any really good anti bact cleaners i could get can i use hot water and soap on them,i have heard so many weird and wonderful ways to clean sex toys like put them in the microwave ,steam clean them,put them in the dishwasher so but dont want to damage my toys

so how does everyone else clean theirs