penis extensions

I'm very interested in getting an extension. I've looked at what LH have available and the fatboy range look the best quality. I'm not very well endowed so I'd like one that increases length and girth. I'm not sure the fat boys will do this. Any advice or shared experience would be appreciated. Thanks.

The fatboy thin sounds perfect for you. I have tried that and the fatboy but the fatboy was way to fat for my oh. Ready my review on the fatboy thin.

As someone who is Mr Average in size, I'd recommend you go for the Fat Boy Thin - though it's thinner than the other Fat Boys it's still a big increase for me and provides a great length improvement. I've got the Fatboy sport too, and much prefer this, as it's excellent when you're really hammering home. It's also good for those positions where you need a longer dick.

Best for me though is it lets you do rear entry positions without coming too soon. OH found it a little uncomfortable first couple of uses but now swears by it. Get her used to it by gently slipping it into her without your dick inside. That'll get her moisted and prepared. Then with it still inside ram your dick in and watch her delight!

It's girth you want not really length, ask any girl if it's too long it's not enjoyable, I think,,

Thanks for the advice everyone. Ive been unable to access my account. I'll def look into the fat boy thin. Theres no chance itll make it too long. Im very poorly endowed. Sorry for the unpersonalised replies im on my phone.

I'd love to try out the OxBalls Muscle Sheath.

It looks great fun!

I would like to find a penis extender that I could wear without the fear of it falling off, I'm also on the small side in thickness as well, would the thin be OK for this?

What is the one without a tip and a loop at the bottom

DeadRed87 - probably thinking of the FatBoy series. OH and I are fans - given her the orgasm of her life and me the ride of mine. I think I've reviewed a couple so please check the reviews for the full story - and how to get used to riding with them